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Rescued 8/15/1998 by Susan of Texas (Also horse parent to Koolers Blue Holly who she rescued from the feedlots). A lovely lady who is active in rescue in her home state...yet she reached across the miles to help this horse. This wonderful Old Soldier came into the feedlots from the summer camps where he had been fed only on pasture. Not all horses do well on pasture, especially if they have been fed hay all their lives. As you can see from the picture taken at the feedlots, the combination of hard work at the camp, insufficient feed and no back teeth to chew any grass he may have been able to scavenge, caused Ace to be literally starving to death. 

Ace was saved from death in the feedlots and promptly sent to MASH as TIER did not have property at that time. He was fed as much Hay and Equine Senior as he could eat. Unfortunately, due to the lack of back teeth and not being able to process his food properly, combined with the severe starvation, Ace colicked. Due to his frail condition, and doubtful recovery, he was assisted over the Rainbow Bridge. He taught me about caring for older, emaciated, starving horses. Because of Ace, I was better equipped with knowledge of feeding, vitamins, etc. which helped us to help Grace later on. He was still giving to us as he was leaving us. Ace was a wonderfully kind horse that followed me around the pens when I went to the feedlots. After he arrived at MASH it was if he knew his time was short. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge knowing that he was loved and would never again be asked to do something beyond his ability.....although he gave his all every time he was asked.

Ace, we love you and miss you. Thank you for being a part of our lives, if only briefly. I still remember your breath in my ear as I walked the pens, taking pictures of horses in need while you asked me to bring you home.



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