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#191. Chestnut TB/WB cross Gelding. Appx. 18 - 19 yrs. Appx. 16.2 - 16.3 hands. Strip, 4 white sox. This is a very kind and very tired horse. He is large and friendly. He is an ex-show horse that was being used as a lesson horse. He has pads on his front feet. A nice horse! He would require an intermediate rider and light riding.



A year ago, last August, my husband thought I should learn how to use a computer. So, my son said "see, this is how you turn it on". "This is called the internet, you can look at anything here. What do you want to look up?" I said Bassett Hounds, because ours had died after fourteen years, and after three years I could say her name without crying. Well, we went to and somehow I ended up at TIER after my son left the room. At the 'horses in need' page, I first saw and fell in love with Ace. Memories flooded into my mind of my first "racetrack reject" purchased by me with the love and support of my parents, especially my mother. My parents both died in 1997 and it broke my heart. When I saw the picture of Ace, I just felt my mother standing behind me saying "buy him, Cheri, buy him". So I did. I knew this was all in Gods grand plan when Ace's papers arrived. Ace was born March 18. My mother died March 18. I have had goosebumps ever since and I know that Ace was a gift from God. I won't know why God took Ace home so soon until I go home too, and right now, I can't wait. Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My most beloved, most loved, cherished horse, Ace, registered name 'Chrome Wonder', is dead. He was turned out into Sugars pasture Saturday morning at 10 o' clock and he was killed when a 4 year old gelding, just gelded last year, broke through the gate from another pasture and bit, fought and kicked him, breaking Ace's leg. We arrived just after the vet had given him painkillers and said he needed to be put to sleep right away. To see my beautiful, wonderful boy lying there...I hope no one ever has to go through that ever. Ace was put to sleep at noon and my heart died with him. I just can't bear the pain. There has never been a finer, sweeter,kinder, loving, caring magnificent soul on this earth. Ace should'nt have died this way


Ah Ace. The finest soul, the most magnificent horse I have ever been blessed to know. Ace still wants to come back to his paddock at night, but during the day he is turned out with the yearling boys. He's teaching them manners and all about life. He is Pony boy to Luciano, a beautiful black yearling, and together they have crossed streams, startled foxes (now I know why it's called Red Fox Farm) and explored Gods beautiful land. Ace is perfectly sound on MSM, glucosamine sulfate, peppermints and olive oil. Only the finest for this boy! Ace still has a problem riding in groups, He Will Be First! And so..... he is first!


Well, we had to move the big, longstrided guy out of quarantine and up to a huge paddock by the barn. At least 40 cars(!!!!!!) stopped and came in wanting to know about the poor starving horse! I wish I had some TIER printouts to give out then. It was amazing, and isn't it wonderful to know that so many people cared enough to do something! Ace will be getting three meals a day, two oat, and one alfalfa, one serving of equine Sr., and in a few days he gets to start free choice of A&M with corn oil mixed in. He has two broken teeth, one in front, and one in the back. One other tooth sticks out and you can feel it when you pet his cheek. It takes him forever to eat because his teeth are in such bad shape. Dental work on the way! At least he has almost all of his teeth and boy does he love his carrots and apples. Vet will be out tomorrow to check him out. We're getting him a blanket tomorrow too as it's cooled down and even rained today. He has a shelter but if he's like all the others, he won't use it much. His next door neighbor is a warmblood, 17 hands tall and probably 600 pounds heavier. He will probably be in the paddock for three months or so, just so he can gain some weight. He and Sugar will meet tomorrow, I'll send you some pictures. We love him so much, Gail, he is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest horse, and from now on, he will be treated like the 'Prince' he is. Bless you. More later, Cheri


Cherie, his new mom, saw his picture and immediately fell in love and wants to make him comfortable in his golden years. And comfortable he will be.....grazing on acreage and coming into the stalls when it is cold! He will have a lovely Paso girl as a pasturemate too! Good Stuff! Thank you Cherie for reaching out to this old campaigner and making sure he will be well cared for!



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