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4-26-2011 Another rescue contacted us about a video they received this morning of an emaciated Arabian Mare with an injury whose owner wanted her gone today. HUGE Thanks to Kristy Soper Milo who dropped everything to pick up the mare.

After Kristy saw the extent of the injury I contacted our vet who said to bring the mare to his clinic. There was a flap of skin hanging from the left front elbow, wounds to her inner thighs, head, inside front leg. Vet sedated the mare, blocked the larger wound so he could remove the flap, gave her a tetanus shot and she is now at TIER.

This is a joint rescue effort between Falcon Ridge and TIER. TIER needs funds to help offset current vet, medications and feed costs. Thank You.


5/1/2011 - Amira Leaves TIER

Amira left for FalconRidge Equine Rescue today. 

Her wounds are healing and her appetite is good.  I cleaned and medicated her wounds before she left and she was the perfect lady even though she wasn't pleased with what I was doing.  When I put the halter on her so she could be led to the trailer, she rested her head against my chest.  That was the only time she had ever done that and it was hard to see her go!  Such a sweet mare with large expressive eyes, a willing nature and a big heart!

She had a little redhead for a traveling companion named Royal who came from Riverside Department of Animal Services.

Once Amira's wounds heal and she gains some weight, she will be evaluated.  Amira will then be available for adoption.

Here's her picture from her arrival at Falconridge.  Happy Trails Amira!


4/28/2011 - Doing Well and Obssessed!

Amira is doing well.  Yesterday she was tired from her ordeal.  She was quiet and resting pretty much all day.  I removed the bandage I had put on the night before to stop the bleeding and wound had begun to drain.  There is a puncture under a small falp at the top of the wound which was draining pretty good.  I applied Animax and then covered with Aluspray a bit later.  Sprayed for flies and put a fly sheet on her.  Due to her being so thin, the fly sheet just hangs on it is too big for a petite lady!

Today she was brighter and more animated.  Amira began talking as soon as I brought her breakfast mush with soaked pellets, SMZ's (antibiotic), beet pulp, flax seed and Coco Soya oil.

I added the oil as her manure was somewhat dry even though she is drinking water.  Not only is she drinking her water, she is a dainty dunker!  Likes to dunk her muzzle a bit and splash.

After breakfast I made a mistake.  Sigh.  I put Dixie & Mavis out in the arena.  Of course, Dixie had to come greet Amira and let her know just how lucky she was to get to see such a pretty QH baby.  Sigh.  Of course, I didn't have my camera at that time.  After Dixie introduced herself she took off at a run to show Amira just how quick she was.  Amira started calling and pacing.  For most of the morning she focused on Dixie and would get upset when she wandered to the other end of the arena.  She was so obssessed with watching Dixie!

She stood watching with her skinny little neck outstretched.

I finally put Dixie & Mavis back in their pen because Amira was so obssessed with that little red dun filly that she wouldn't eat.  I again cleaned the wound, applied Aluspray and gave her the second dose of antibiotics for the day.

Wound on left front elbow looks good, but it will drain for a bit until the skin starts to reattach.  Other wounds are looking good.  Some swelling on left hind leg, but it went down when she started moving around.


Amira also had injuries to her head, various cuts on her legs and deep wounds between her hind legs.  She will get daily wound care and be on Anibiotics (14 SMZ's twice a day) for the next 5 days.

After the vet cut off the flap at her left elbow he covered it with Aluspray.  It was still bleeding when she finally got to TIER where she could rest from her ordeal.  Per the vet, due to her being so emaciated her system is not clotting properly so we wrapped the wound last night to help stop the bleeding. 

4/26/2011 - Amira arrives after an Emergency Visit to the Vet!

She has been named Amira.  It is hoped that once she has healed and brought back to health, she will  find a forever home with someone who will FEED her properly, care for her and have their life enriched by this very sweet mare.

Help with current vet expenses, transport costs to the vet-to TIER, costs of feed, antibiotics, bandages, etc. are needed.


As usual when rescuing a horse in immediate need, details are sketchy.  We were told that the owner had tied her someplace and a coyote attacked her.  Neither the vet nor myself believe that due to the look of the wounds. 

When Kristy went to pick up the mare she said there was debris all over the area where the mare was kept.  There were also llamas, goats and an Emu.  The fact that there were llamas on the property also tells me that it wasn't a coyote attack as llamas would have pounded a coyote.

Our best guess is that she got tangled up in some of the debris and struggled to get free.  Who knows?  The good thing is that the vet feels the injury was only a couple days old so there is a better chance of healing and arresting any infection.  It was BAD, but we were expecting it to be worse under that bandage.



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