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Annabelle the Donkey
Early in 2003 TIER was made aware of a female Donkey who was in need of a home desperately. Her owners had received a Violation notice from Animal control regarding the condition of her hooves...which were grossly overgrown. The owners had a veterinarian and a farrier come out to care for the donkey, but they felt they needed to find her a home quickly.

After speaking to the farrier and the officials, TIER agreed to take Annabelle the donkey in, continue the prescribed treatment for her feet and give her a loving home for life


2/29/2016 - Annabelle has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Early in 2003 TIER was made aware of a female Donkey who was desperately in need of a home. Her owners had received a Violation notice from Animal Control regarding the condition of her hooves...which were grossly overgrown. The owners had a veterinarian and a farrier come out to care for the donkey, but they felt they needed to find her a better home quickly.

After speaking to the farrier and AC, TIER agreed to take her in, continue the prescribed treatment for her feet and give her a loving home for life.  We named her Annabelle.

2/29/2016 Annabelle left TIER and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Annabelle was very much loved by all who met her and she loved everyone she met.  She was a soft soul who made you smile on the inside.  She was TIER's first Donkey. She was with us for almost 13 years. There is deep sorrow over her passing and there is a noticeable void at TIER.

Nana Banana, we miss you.  Thank you for all you gave us. You were such a blessing.

10/26/2013 - Treat Allocation & ....

Annabelle MUST supervise treat allocation. She also has full control over sampling of said treats.

Warning: When apples are given to Donks, there is a high chance of that Donkey turning into a Bumblebee with striking leg markings!

Note the Antennae and ear placement

"Propeller Ears" allow the antennae to pick up on vibrations from treat buckets, thus making supervision of treat allocation (to Annabelle) much easier.

10/19/2011 - Annabelle getting herself ready for Halloween!

Annabelle seems to have taken the lead in getting ready for Halloween. She has put on her green FlyBands (thanks to JL), made sure she is eating well enough to have a dappled coat and places herself where the shadows will give her face the "Zebra Look"!  She's ready to go door to door in search of TREATS as always!

9/25/2011 - Where's the BLING?

Many thanks to VolunTIER Jeri H. (and, of course, husband Bob) for their hard work cleaning pens.  Poor Bob was designated the "poop cart dumper" and then he and Kristy worked on a reseating a gate panel.

Jeri graciously set up a table for a VolunTIER Day Fundraiser loaded with Park Lane Jewelry  which raised almost 150.00 for the TIER residents.  Thank you Jeri and all the VolunTIERs who did Christmas shopping in September!

Annabelle heard about the jewelry and began stalking Jeri.  She seemed to be saying...."Where's the Bling?  A girl's gotta have BLING!"

4/1/2011 - Chiro visit with Dr. Moore

Although Annabelle wasn't too pleased with Dr. Moore adjusting her, I think she was mad because she didn't get treats first!  Even though she is on a strict diet, she will always have the large fat deposits that formed when she was at her previous owners and being fed corn, etc.


Sweet Annabelle!  Such a lovely face.  Such a DIVA!


Vet Visit - We purchased Kenalog for the seasonal fly allergies that tear up the legs on Annabelle & Paco our sweet donkey representatives.  Both of them have their summer Vet Wrap leggings on as the biting flies are out and have already started to wreak havoc on these two.  The Kenalog will help with the allergic reaction to the fly bites.  They will receive injections as needed.  Recommended use is every 30 days during fly season, but we are careful to only administer when it is really required, as we don't want to cause founder.


I just had to run out and get pictures at 5 o'clock. Silly me, I know!
Anyway, Annabelle is doing fine. She stills wakes me up everyday, at least I don't need an alarm clock. She loves to cruise around most of the day but does find time to nap in the sun. She is so sweet that Zip, my bratty 8 month old Heeler pup, can lick her and she just tolerates it. She comes over when she is called and loves to be "grooma-ed." Annabelle gets a daily massage and is great about feet picking. The farrier will be out in two weeks to trim her and she was wormed today. I started adding MSM for her joints daily in her handfull-ish of pellets with a little corn oil to stick it all together. She like that better then the liquid gloucosamine! Oh, what a yucky face she makes if things are not to her liking!


Annabelle has a foster home with her new buddy Pedro!
She is a cutie and right in my backyard! I guess I can't have just one! (Donkey, that is!) Annabelle will be hangin' with Pedro De Burro and keeping an eye on my two silly horses, Gemma and Reza. She is currently a "foster Donkey" but I think she will probably be her forever, just have to break it to hubby slowly that she needs to be adopted by us! At about 6:30 a.m. this weekend she reminded me that the sun was up so it was feeding time! Boy, can she bray!! Pedro has never brayed in the year I have had him. Her and Reza stand at the fence together and holler for food. Not bad on work days but I do like to sleep in on the weekend! She is settling in just fine, loves to be played with and groomed. Her and Pedro kinda make the rounds together while the lazy horses doze. As soon as I can find the digital (hubby cleaned the office) I will get pics. I need a color for her, all the others have their own color. Any ideas? Can't be red/black, green or blue. Then she gets matching fly mask, halter/lead, brushes, etc.


Annabelle is a wonderful new TIER friend. Although her initial treatment included the use of a saw to cut off 4-5 inches of overgrown hoof, she took it all in stride!!! HA! Upon arrival, she was wormed, bathed and allowed to roam so she could get used to her new feet and also, to help those tendons/ligaments/muscles in her legs which had been stretched due to the long hooves.

Pictures of Annabelle upon arrival:

We expected some of the TIER horses to be upset about having a donkey on the premises (especially Ms. Pearl!!), but everyone has welcomed her and is willing the share a bite of their hay with the long eared lady. She is gentle and cute as can be! The children from the youth groups groom her with no problem. She enjoys wandering around with Grace or Pearl and visiting with everyone.

The pictures below are from the second trim she received from the farrier who did the initial work on her. Previously he had to use an electric saw to cut her hooves, but not this time!! She stood like a lady and enjoyed her manicure. Once her feet were done, she stepped out like she was on a dance floor and was the belle of the ball!!

Annabelle is scheduled for her next trim within the next few days. Depending on what the farrier says about the condition of her feet and further maintenance, Annabelle will be available for adoption.



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