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#201. Bay Arabian Gelding. Star. White above coronet on 1 front and 1 back. Appx. 14.3 hands. Appx. 20 yrs. This is a nice quiet boy that would be suitable for an intermediate rider. Rides well. This boy needs a home where he won't have to work hard.



Apollo has had the most difficult time adjusting. Ford (the BLM mustang gelding who thinks he is still a stud) jumped the fence and stole his girls the first full day he was here so he is back to being a bachelor. Apollo lives in a larger pasture with a mustang, a Peruvian Paso a Tb and a pony. All geldings and all rescues. He really needs some weight on him and is getting grain and pellets along with his hay. I brushed out his mane and tail and put some conditioner on him. He looked beautiful and he knew it. Like Diana he will follow you around and he loves getting special attention.


Kelly C. (who is the savior of Precious Gem and also contributed the starting funds for our Emergency Fund) rallied support from a wonderful man  named Jeffrey A. who wanted to help horses. These two fantastic folks were  not alone in their wish for safe homes for horses in need. Roger and Susan  N. of Save Horses from Slaughter jumped in a result of a  concentrated effort the these horses now have a new home with Roger &  Susan! Way to go team!!! 



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