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Archie the Donk
Archie's previous owner lost her job and knew she would not be able to continue to properly care for Archie and his buddy. She contacted a TIER friend who rescues/rehabs & rehomes horses as they can. They had recently taken in 2 horses in need and had room for Archie's buddy, but they really didn't have room for Archie. Our friend contacted us about taking him in and we agreed.

Welcome to TIER Archie!


7/1/2017 - Archie Arrives

Archie does have a BLM brand that we will attempt to decipher at some point.  He is a very sweet boy, loves treats (especially peppermints)and likes to talk/bray.  He has been on an alfalfa diet and as a result has fat deposits on his back, sides, tummy.  He will be fed a Teff Hay diet at TIER with a little bit of alfalfa in the beginning to transition him over to an all Teff Hay diet so that he will trim down.



True Innocents Equine Rescue (T.I.E.R)
17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45
Riverside, CA, 92504
Tel: 951-943-0627

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