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Well Hello Baby!
Baby was found abandoned in the hills nearby. Our horse trainer Stephanie found her wandering alone, being attacked by dogs and took her in. She was thin and had an injury that caused her right hind leg to tilt inward. Once she had gained some weight she was taken to a vet who determined that she had sustained some type of injury to her right hip and it had been that way for a long time. She does not appear to have too much difficulty in moving, is a very sweet mare, gets along with others very well. Baby needed a soft place to land and TIER is pleased to provide that for her.


6/12/2017 - Baby says Hey!

Baby says Hey! (Or in her language...where's the Hay!).  Such a sweet, sweet girl.  Always Friendly & Curious.

12/12/2016 - Chiropractor, Farrier & Tooth Fairy Came!

Baby is a very sweet little mare and has settled in nicely.  She was seen by our Chiropractor, Dr. Don Moore and received a much needed adjustment.  Her hip injury will never recover and be "normal".  Because of this, her hind hooves wear extremely unevenly.  Our farrier trimmed her feet and she stepped out very well when he was done.

Apparently, whoever dumped her never had her teeth done and she had VERY sharp, pointed teeth in the back.  The worst I've ever felt.  Joe Yasinosky worked on her 'shark teeth' and got everything nice and smooth so she can chew her feed properly.  She was a VERY GOOD girl for Joe.


Baby Arrives at TIER

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