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Baylie was found on the streets of Mira Loma, CA by a caring citizen who contacted Riverside AC. He was trying to eat dried weeds along the road. Shoes on all 4 hooves. RCDAS (Riverside County Department of Animal Services) brought him to the shelter and while there he had been observed eating his own manure because he is so hungry! We hope to remedy that with your help!


10/24/2015 - What a Change!

Baylie has certainly changed since his arrival

It always amazes me that what most of the horses that come to TIER in such a horribly sad state are mostly just in need of the basics  Consistent Feed, Farrier, Exercise, Companionship, Dental and sometimes Veterinarian care.

Baylie 10-24-2015 (Thanks for taking the picture Andie!)


8/3/2013 - Social hour with Kane

7/8/2013 - Groceries do Make a Difference!

Remember Baylie when he first arrived almost 3 months ago?

Groceries, Farrier care, Vet care, Dental care (NORMAL care for a horse!) really have made a difference in just 3 months! It is because of your contributions that horses like Baylie have a chance to become the best they can be!!

VolunTIERs have helped Baylie by bathing him (thanks to our Bath Lady - The BarnGoddess), grooming (even when he had no hair!), walking him, cleaning his pen, scrubbing his water bucket and of him cookies & carrots.

He is even beginning to get a real butt!

6/15/2013 - Body Work!

Janet Bailey "The Integrated Equine Body" did body work on several TIER residents.

THANK you Janet! Mavis, Baylie appreciates your loving touch!

5/22/2013 - Let there be HAIR!

Baylie is doing well despite the fact that he lost all the hair on his barrel, back, rear, chest & neck. His body was so starved for nutrition that his system could only utilize feed to keep his organs functioning. Growing hair was not on the list for immediate need. His poor body was in full focus on staying alive!

(Baylie on arrival at TIER)

(Baylie 1 month, 8 days after arrival. He had lost most of his body hair and now it has begun to grow back)

He is even beginning to have a rear end!

(Rear view on arrival)

(Rear view today)

4/19/2013 - The Barngoddess Returns...

BIG Thanks to the Barngoddess who came out to TIER to give Baylie a much needed spa treatment! VolunTIERs Janice & Alesha were given a lesson on the fine art of bathing and details regarding Scurf, Dry Skin, shampooing, rinsing thoroughly, conditioning hair coat/skin, mane & tail detangling!

Baylie was a much cleaner and comfortable boy after his day at the Spa. He loved the attention and by the time these wonderful girls had finished he was tired and ready to head back to his pen for a rest and FOOD!

4/16/2013 - Baylie Gets Those LONG hooves trimmed!

Since Dr. Voltz was already here for Pablo ( Pablo - Pablo has joined the herd at the Rainbow Bridge) we asked her to evaluate Baylie. He was suddenly walking sore on the front!! Had been fine until this morning. Gave him Banamine & Bute IV since our farrier (Val Dean Call) was coming out to help this poor boy. She scored him as a 2 on the Henneke scale.

Volunteers Alisha & Andie (Andie gave him his name) were out and helped hold this wild horse (NOT) while I snapped pictures.

Baylie's feet were so long that Val Dean was surprised he had not bowed a tendon.

OLD abscess from at least 6 months ago still present and others had compromised hoof wall on the sides. Val Dean got it to drain some (Lft. fore). Another abscess under the frog (possibly full sole abscess) but Val Dean was concerned that if he tried to get it to drain there would be blood.

Val Dean applied, iodine, packing, shoes and pads. Rt. fore also had abscesses brewing but hadn't progressed to the degree that the left had. Iodine, packing, shoes, pads on that one too. Removed hind shoes. Shoes had been on a LONG time but not much wear.

Baylie also had his teeth done. Dr. Voltz & Val Dean put him at mid to late teens (15 to 17 yrs.). Has long teeth but not angled like you would see in a 20 year old. Top teeth are long due to small overbite which would cause him difficulty grazing on short grass. So ...if he was supposed to be grazing in someone's yard he wouldn't have been able to get much. (Not that there is much grass or weeds around right now.

We left the gate to his pen open so that he could move around in the front area to get blood flowing to those poor feet. This will also help with his stretched out tendons. As of 4/17/2013 he has been moving around quite well and quick stepped it after me when he saw breakfast heading to his feeder.

4/13/2013 - Baylie-A New Name & A New Beginning

Long time VolunTIER Andie chose the name Baylie for our newest resident. He was transported from the shelter by Ingrid (who will drop everything to help a horse in need!). He jumped on the trailer when Ingrid went to pick him up. I guess he saw the hay net in the trailer and wanted breakfast!

Despite trying to grab every weed he saw because he was so hungry, Baylie stood for a minute so we could take arrival pictures.

As you can see, there isn't much horse there right now. Barring health issues, we hope to have him up to normal weight in 5-6 months. His condition is the result of long term starvation & neglect. His coat is dull, there are scrapes all over his body. Hooves are very long with shoes! Farrier and vet have been called and will be out as soon as possible to help this boy on his way to recovery.

4/10/2013 - Baylie at the Shelter-Pics



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