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Bella Noelle
#615 - Quarter Horse Filly. Liver Chestnut, Star, Strip, Wide Snip. White on Left hind. (on left in picture)

Adopted! Her new name is Bella Noelle!



The babies are not babies anymore. Bella and Oz are growing up and they are doing just great. They both love people. Bella never had a problem with this she was always in your face kind of gal, but Oz, I never thought that he would want to be hugged, he loves to be hugged and will follow us all over the feild. I know he is anxiously awaiting to be gelded, but he currently is a one testicle horse. We are going to wait until the end of fall and see what happens.

Both are training in the roundpen. Oz is a quick learner and wants to please. He listens and responds to his commands. Bella does fine as long as Caitlin is in command. They both love to go for walks, they pony with the big guys, and they took their first trailer ride to the trainers without incident. Oz was standing at the fence today wondering why he wasn't going for a ride.

I can't say enough on how great they are... I again wnat to thank you for taking the time to go to rescue them from the unknown and providing my family the opportunty to train and love them.


Thought you would like an update on the 2 babies. We finally named the paint. He is Ozwald,and when he grows up he will be the mighty and powerful OZ. It took us over one month to finally gain his trust. My husband,not the horse person in the family, was the one to get the halter on. Once that was done,he was easy. He loves to be groomed. Caitlin and I are working on leading now. The big wind storm caused so much havoc that the babies broke through the fence to join the older horses and now have been with them ever since. Ozwald,loves Alex my 18 year old gelding. He is keeping him young. I find them playing together regularly.

Bella is coming along very easily, she has a great mind and so willing to learn. Caitlin is now able to take her for short walks in the neighborhood. We have been introducing both her and Ozzie to puddles,both have to play with it before they will walk through. Ozzie likes to roll in the puddles after we finish. Bella stands when tied. There have been no fights with the rope or post. Sooner or later something has to give, she is just to easy. The Vet is coming this week to repair a small umbilical hernia. Other wise she is very healthy as is Ozwald.



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