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#218 Fleabitten Gray TB Mare. 14 yrs. old. 15.3 hands. This mare has been shown English and is very, very broke.



Now here is a true success story! You were right about this one Gail! She is amazing! What a supper star she has turned into! This mare can jump and loves it! She loves kids and packs them around courses. Who would have thought this anxiety-ridden skinny mare would turn out to be so awesome?!?!

We just did Ram Tap and took 5th place in the Open Training division! And we moved her up to that level, that was her first time competing at that level!

She is also my main horse for my intermediate level kids. They love to jump her! She has been packing kids that have never jumped higher then 2'9" over 3'9" jumps! Amazing! (Can you tell I love her?) Here are some pictures from our last show (3 weeks ago).


Well, here's our little throw away!!! She is just the cutest thing! I know this jump is really little (I don't want to push her) but she loved it! What a nice little horse we have here! I can't wait until she finishes filling out and gets completely healthy!!! What a cutie! She is going to knock 'em dead at 3-Day Events later this year!!! Oh, and also here's one of her sticking out her tongue! One of her favorite past times.


Well, it has happened again. You know how I am always saying that people are always wanting to buy Cabernet and are making offers? Well, I think I have another!!! Tori has only been with me 3 weeks and already people are asking if she's for sale, making offers, everything!!! And these are horses that were thrown away?!?! Of course my answer is an emphatic "NO" when people ask! Tori is doing awesome! She has really started to settle in. Celine (one of my more experienced students) hopped on her today and rode her no problem! This was only the 4th time we've ridden her. She is one nice horse! I can't wait to get her fat and fit and gorgeous! If all goes well she might just be showing this summer! And Celine wants to sponsor her too! How great would that be? Well, I'll get pics as soon as she is putting on some weight (which she already is doing very nicely!)

Thanks for everything Gail! I'm keeping you and Precious Gem in my prayers and I updated Kelly on her situation.




Just a quicky update. I just couldn't help myself! I had to hop on both Orion and Tori last night. They are AWESOME! I rode both of them in
nothing but halters and lead ropes! Orion is LAZY! He thinks there is just no reason on earth to do anything at a speed faster then a walk. Tori is an absolute doll and has lots of energy. She seems like she knows a lot and I can't wait to truly ride her and see what she knows! I will let them settle in now and won't do any additional riding for a little while. Orion should be ready soon. Tori I am going to give more time to since she really needs some more weight! I'll let you know when I ride them for real! Thanks Gail! It sure was neat to meet you and Blair and to talk to you guys! Sandy and I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!!!! Try to plan for March 30 - April 1st for Cabby's first 3-day!!!!

TIER - Dana & Sandy volunteered at the TIER booth during the Equine Affaire Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. They then picked up Tori & Orion and
took them to their new home. They came bearing gifts.............TIER is the proud recipient of Cabby's First Blue Ribbon! (He won 5 in his first show!!!) I'll have pictures of the ribbon up soon. And somebody thought just enough of Cabby to throw him away? Just shows that one person's trash, is another's treasure. Cabby, Tess, Tori, Orion..........all are living, breathing, loving treasures! Just like all horses!


Hi there! I am #218's new mom! Her new name is Bellatori (Tori for short). I also rescued Tess and Cabernet last October. I haven't had a chance to meet Tori yet, and I can't wait to see her!!! She is living with Gail at TIER for 30 days so that she can go through Quarantine. She will be living out her days with me, Cabby, Tess, Mo, and Roo. My neice and one of my students will be loving her til she is at full health again!

She was just one of those horses that as soon as I saw her, I just knew I had to get her out! Her picture asked me to bring her home. Watch for updates on the success stories. I'm sure I'll be posting lots of them!!!




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