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Blaze Star
#156 Chestnut Arabian mare. 4 high white socks, blaze, white under chin and small white spot on her belly. She rides and handles well. 11 yrs. old. Appx. 15 hands.She is very thin. Once she gets some good nutrition, her coat should be a dark chestnut. Sun, poor diet, etc. has made her coat unhealthy looking. She would require a rider with experience. Papers available.


4/18/2013 - Blaze Star (Daisy) Update!

These pictures were taken today, 4/18/13.

I cannot believe how long I have had this horse. I cant imagine my life without her.

With all the bad things going on in this country recently I decided to write updates on all my TIER horses to add something nice to the day. Blaze Star (Daisy) the original tent horse. The last 8 years of my life have not been good but the horses never suffered. When all I had was 1 meal per day off the Mickey D 99 cent menu they never felt the pinch. When I was in such despair I laid down on the driveway, sobbing and begged the powers that be to let me die that horse stood over me, straddling my body, standing guard and not moving a muscle while the others had a free-for-all. I tell people that if I were being attacked that horse would jump the fence or crash through it to take out the attacker. I'm not kidding. She is 100% tent mare and part dog. 

Things are better now and I hug her daily. We never got much further as riding partners than some arena stuff because she's a homebody. She will go out with me and a horse higher up in the herd but she prefers her role as guard horse and that's fine with me.
She is in excellent health and I hope she is with me at least another 13 years! 

Presently she is turned out with her fellow TIER pasture mates Kiwi (Princess Kiki) & Elika and is literally up to her eyeballs in a lovely pasture mix of oat, wheat, barley & rye.  KO


I have been lunging her & will start ground driving her soon. Unfortunately I have not had the time I would like, to work w/ her lately. When the horses see me coming, it is like they are saying to each other "oh, here comes that lady that feeds & cleans" I also want to have her teeth done before I put a bit in her mouth. I have been stalling, because the guy I use (Dr. Richard O. Miller) has a 3 horse minimum & Goldie & lucky were done in Aug. I have them done once a year, so am going to wait a little longer. She isn't really having problems w/ her teeth, Dr. Hoyme said that she was ok. It is just that Dr. Miller puts "bit seats" in & it really seems to make them more comfortable carrying the bit.  She is getting her "whoa" down & is sensitive  enough, I think that she will be fine ground driving in a well fitted halter.

She is VERY SWEET, wants to trust people so much. She is unbelievable w/ kids, trusts me about 70 at this point. But does seem a little more "skittish" around men.

I LOVE HER!   Kelly

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Blaze Starr has found a home nearby with her new mom Kelly.

Vet came out at 11:30 & I was still riding Goldie, rarely has a vet ever been on time! Jumped off & put her in a stall. Then we haltered Blaze & the vet checked her teeth, said she felt pretty good & would not have to be done today. He asked me a lot of questions about her, how she was eating (good) where she came from, is she sound? I told him I didn't know how sound she was, as she had just been out for hand walking & was spending most of her time in quarantine (stall) He said I should keep her in for another week to ten days just to be on the safe side. Then he said "well lets get her out & lunge her a bit & see how sound she is". As I was putting the line on her he asked if she lunged, told him I didn't know but we would find out soon! Needless to say she wasn't perfect, BUT she was pretty darned good. Trot & canter both directions (walking was not going to happen) she has a nice big stride & tracks up, but not much over-reach (yet) she was only on about a 15 meter circle & was moving so quickly that she was swinging her haunches out. The vet seemed to really like her, thought she would make a GREAT endurance horse. Told him I wanted a dressage & trail horse, he thought she had enough charisma & flash for dressage & liked the bit of suspension she has. She is a VERY powerful mover, considering her condition & she is lightning quick. My neighbor wants to sell tickets to our first ride, I think we are going to make a great team! Vet recommended that I worm her today (I wanted her to settle for a couple of days before I added that stress) So I am off to my shop & will stop by the feed store to pick up the stuff he told me to use. After he left I gave Blaze a REAL BATH (weather was cooperating after all) scrubbed her up good & even used conditioner in her mane & tail. Still couldn't get all that mud off her legs but they look sooo much better & next time should do the trick. I even got out the clippers & did about a 2" bridlepath, (made her watch goldie get hers done first) She did VERY GOOD! She didn't mind the clippers that much but wasn't sure about me getting that close to her ears. That was enough for one day & she is happily munching (vet said free choice timothy & alfalfa at mealtime) she doesn't seem to like the pellets. After all the excitement I FORGOT to ask about the availability of the nitrofurazone! SHEESH!



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