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Doesn't everyone need a little "Bo-Dee-Oh-Doh" in their life? Welcome to TIER BoDEAN!

Late Saturday night, couldn't sleep, ended up on Facebook and noticed that Forgotten Horses was posting horses that were going through the local livestock auction. So...I just had to look and there he was. A little black QH gelding with a 3 Bars brand, big QH bottom, but in need of feed and his hooves were seriously overgrown.

Contacted FH personnel and let them know if he went cheap we could take him. I know I shouldn't have...but I did.

I didn't think he would sell low, but he did. Spent the morning wrangling transport, waiting for his arrival, planning rehab feed, arranging farrier appt, etc.

BoDean has arrived! Woot! Woot!


2/1/2018 - The Foot Fairy Was Here!

The Foot Fairy came out to trim a few of the TIER residents.  Thank you Val Dean for taking such care of these horses.  BoDean's feet were really in need of another trim as he has been gaining weight nicely and his hooves grew quite a bit.  He is eating all his hay after dunking/splashing it and making a mess of his pen.  He has also been getting Senior Feed and for the past week we added psyllium to it to help remove any sand he may have internally.

12/8/2017 - Don't Need No Stinkin Saddle!

Good friend of the TIER horses, Stephanie McGregor, came out today to get an idea of how much training Bo-Dee-Oh-Doh (BODEAN) might have.

He's put on some weight and is also getting his winter fuzzies! The bruising on his heels has pretty much resolved.  He is eating and dunking all his alfalfa hay, eating all the Teff Hay, and he gets soaked pellets w/some senior feed.  When he dunks his alfalfa to make it softer (due to old lacerations on his tongue that healed badly), he does so with GUSTO and makes a mess!

Stephanie worked him in a Bosal because we were hesitant to put a bit in his mouth due to his mangled tongue.  He was willing, but seemed a bit confused by the Bosal or maybe he hasn't had much practice and is a little rusty.

Bo-Dee-Oh-Doh (as we call him) is a sweet guy for the most part.  He was turned out to introduce himself to the TIER residents a week or so ago.  He made some friends along the way, but when he got to Lukas' corral things changed.  He and Lukas took an immediate dislike to each other, BoDean reared a couple times and when he came down the last time he hit his knees on the top rail of the corral.  Those knees were puffy the next day, but he seemed to be okay.  Just in case, we gave him some Bute for a couple days.

He was quiet enough when Stephanie was working him that she felt comfortable getting up on him bareback.  He was fine and seemed to say..."I don't need no stinkin saddle". 

BoDean needs to put on some more weight and muscle.  We will hopefully be scheduling a chiropractic visit for BoDean, Deacon, Ruby Too & Glory in the near future as funds allow.

11/14/2017 - UPDATE ON BoDEAN

Bo-Dee-Oh-Doh had shoes on all 4 way overgrown hooves. Heels were bruised from standing on stacked up feet. Pulled the shoes and he stepped out fine. Figure he is mid-teens?

But...his tongue is cut almost all the way through. Not new, but not real old injury either. The tongue grew back together unevenly. I was wondering why he dunked his hay. Now I know. Poor Guy!!



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