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Bonnie B Good
#285 Thoroughbred mare. Dark bay, star. Appx. 8yrs. Appx. 16.1 hands. No tattoo. This mare was started in race training but was made a broodmare instead. Therefore, she would require someone willing to spend the time to train her.



This lovely lady finally has a name after much debate...........................Bonnie B Good. We will just call her Bonnie.

She is doing great, we are trying to teach her what apples and carrots are, but she refuses to even try them. We are just trying to give her lots of love and attention so she will learn to like affection (right now she doesn't understand affection). She is so pretty she has these huge dapples, she looks like she is right out of a book. Megan her owner, is in love. She has ridden her three times now and last night she cantered! This is Megan's dream horse! Megan has bathed her and her coat feels like it is silk.



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17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45
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