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Borrowed Time
#132 Lightly Fleabitten Gray Arabian Gelding. Large snip on nose (pink nose). Appx. 13-15 yrs. Appx. 15 hands. Rides somewhat hot. Would require an advanced intermediate rider.



Borrowed Time got stiff and older in January and Feb of 2003. We were a little worried, but he is very fat with many buddies to scratch and spend time with. My concern for him was enough to schedule an evaluation with Dr Rick but I think Time heard me make the call.

As the weather has warmed so has his aching joints, he is roaming around the pasture well away from the barn, at some points even cantering with the herd when I call them for supper.

All things considered ( he is 30 something ) this ole fella is doing great and we love having him here. So looks like Time has another summer of memories to make...Jan


Folks, this horse should never have been in a feed lot anywhere. Somewhere in his former life this guy was a dressage or equitation horse. Our first ride and he is doing pivots on the forehand, pivots on the hind, any kind of lateral work I could remember to try......Backing practically at a trot, step into a canter from a stop. What a gem.


This awesome boy is now named Borrowed Time. (aka Pal). He will be heading to his new home with Mom Jan sometime next week. He will never be placed in another auction, another feedlot, another place where he is just a number. He and Jan will travel down the sunny side of the street together! Thank you so much Jan!



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