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Boss & Bruno
#96A & B. Solid Black & Black w/thin blaze Draft geldings. These horses ride and drive. They were used at the summer camps.
95A (Solid Black) is appx. 17 hands, appx. 18 yrs. old. I was told he has something called "side bone"? When I saw him, he didn't seem to have difficulty in moving around.
95B (Black with blaze and one white hind) is appx. 16 hands and is appx. 16-17 yrs. old. He is sound. These horses were a driving team.



These charming boys will be keeping Mary company! Mary is the blue roan draft that Dan & Lynda gave a home to a few months back! Dan will be on his way to pick up "his boys" shortly! Yeah, Dan & Lynda! Now Mary can flirt with someone her own size!! HA!

The two drafts, Percherons, by the way, are now named Boss and Bruno. They are not doing as well, as can be expected as you will soon read. Both of these boys are very old, mid to late twenties. Both are at least 200 pounds underweight, not due to being starved, but due to neglect! Their teeth were SO long and SO sharp neither could eat. When the vet went to float their teeth, he ended up having to actually cut quite a few, and some were pulled. The boys are now on a Senior Mix and a second cutting hay, and are slowly appearing to fill in a tad. Both boys had very long hooves, and both were having difficulty walking well. Boss, as you know, has sidebone. He also had thrush so badly it was eating holes into his frogs. The farrier cut out abscesses in his hooves. Both horses are walking better, but it is doubtful either will ever really be sound due to the neglect they received coupled with their advanced age. Boss is almost blind, and came to us with a horrid infection in his tail. The infection is almost gone now, but the poor guy had to have his tail clipped.



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