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#202. Chestnut Gelding. Star. Ranch horse. Possibly used in roping previously. Appx. 16-18 yrs. Appx. 15.2 - 3 hands. This horse has just come back from one of the better camps. He has been well fed and cared for. In fact, he is fat. He is sore in front and was receiving Bute everyday in order to do his job. Now that the summer camps are closing, they no longer need his services. A big stout horse that would require an intermediate rider and someone willing to get him the best possible farrier care.



Haven't sent you an update on Buddy in awhile, I've had him on the pysillium for alittle over 2 weeks now and he is all firmed up! I'm so glad it feels good to walk out and see all those firm poo's (only from a horse person) Buddy and my other 2 horses get along so good, I love to look out my window and see the 3 of them standing head to head to head, it's like their sharing stories, I'm sure Buddy has a few to tell!

We have decided not to have my husband ride him, we think that it would be too much weight for his arthritis, we take him out for hand walks and short rides down the road, he seems to enjoy these. He will be retired to these walks and pony rides for the cute little girl next door. We just love Buddy.


Rode Buddy a little on Sunday, it was the 1st time, he's very responsive,  just walked him, but he wanted to do more, or maybe he thought he had to do more, I think that was the case. Didn't even bother him to leave the other horses but they sure were calling him, my gelding loves him already, I put them all together now, I know it's soon, but I'm taking the chance, they get along really well, Buddy is not aggressive at all but they respect him, he's such a good horse, I'm sure his life has not always been so good, but he's got a new life here with us and we will take care of him till the end.


Got Buddy's feet done yesterday, they look a lot better, didn't put any shoes on him cause the vet was coming out today, he has no heel in the back. Vet came out and gave him his shots, didn't need his teeth floated, says he's no older then 20. He's got arthritis in his left back hock (no wonder he didn't want to jump! that the reason why the camp lady got rid of him said he wouldn't jump.) and in his right knee. Going to start him on glucosamine and see if it will help him, poor guy. He is the sweetest horse, so gentle, talks to me when ever I come out. We just love him! Becky



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