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Black Percheron colt with star, strip, snip - I've been adopted!
His new name is Bust A Move! Of course, he will be called "Buster" by his new mom and dad.


7/31/2011 - New Pic of Buster!

He has grown into such a handsome horse!


Buster's adopter came to the realization that this boy was not well suited to dressage simply because as he grew, he turned into a tank! HA! Although his adopter really loved Buster, she knew that he would be happier with someone who wanted a horse for trails or driving. Enter Jackie......Michelle's (original adopter) sister. Jackie fell madly in love with Buster and vice versa. Jackie & Michelle contacted TIER and it was decided that Jackie would adopt Buster.

Buster & Jackie are now on the road together and will be trailriding soon! Congrats Jackie & Buster!!


These were taken about 7 or 8 months ago. Buster is doing great, we are riding him now. He was not hard to break, he just takes everything in stride. He is such a love bug. I will get pictures of him tacked and and riding and send them as soon as I can. He is a beautiful boy.


Thought I would send the pics I have of Buster and give you an update.
Buster is doing great, he leads, lunges, goes thru puddles and mud, stands to be groomed, gets feet trimed with no problems. He is so easy going. As you can see if loves to play with Bobby my 27 yo paint. They will play all day if I let them, but that can be hard on Bobby. Buster also plays with my 2 yo TB filly, she pushes him around. Its funny to see a 16 hd filly who probably only weighs 700 lbs push around a 14.3 hd gelding who weighs 800# :)
Buster gets along with everyone, as you can see in the pics him and BB the wild mustang get along just fine :) I fed these guys and they still were grooming each other :)
We are going to start ponying Buster off of Ranger and then we'll hit the trails. Will update you as we progress.
Buster says hi to everyone :) And asked Auntie Gail if she can have a word with his mother about them scary clippers, doesn't mom know they are going to eat me !!!!


Buster is adored !!!




just wanted to thank you again for helping the PMU foals. You have a great heart :) And of course I want to thank you for BUSTER !!! He is awesome !!! he is liked by everyone here. He plays with Bobby the old man during the day and has full run of the yard (spoiled huh). Sometimes Faith get out with them and he follows her around, she even plays with him sometimes. I think she is his mommy and he is her son. One day I went out back and he was laying down and Faith was standing above him watching him :)
He also gets to play with Tashia, this is really nice for Tashia, she has grown up without someone to play with (she is 1 1/2 yo) so she has a
sparkle in her eye when she plays. At first she didn't know what to do, but she does now :)
Buster takes everything in stride and is so easy going. He is nothing like Nino. I was putting blankets on one day and he was right there, so I got
Nino/Tashia old blanket out and layed it on his back, he didn't even care. So I put it on him, nothing...... within a few minutes he was laying down
taking a nap :)
He halters and leads very well, he knows what whoa means and he picks up all his feet. The shoer was there one day and played with his feet and he didn't care. So he'll get a trim this weekend. He is a big teddy bear !!! I haven't been feeling well and so I would put my arms around him and lay my head on his back or butt (the butt is more comfortable) and he just stands there. He is so cuddly :)
I have pictures put have gotten them developed yet. As soon as I do I'll send you some.
Thanks again for Buster and helping the others



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