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Cara's Table



Thought it was time for an update. Cara is wonderful and is one of our favorite horses. She is gradually reconditioning her muscles from being a race horse to turning into a lovely, balanced, pleasure horse. A horse show is very likely to be in her future. Her personality is even changing. She is much more confident and is learning to think for herself (for a while there I didn't think she was too bright). Below is a picture of her and my 3 year old son.

cara2.jpg (22434 bytes) cara1.jpg (11541 bytes)

We're all doing great. I think even if Cara doesn't turn into a show horse she's going to make a great horse for my boys to learn to ride on. When we first put Devon up on her she was hesitant to walk. It took quite a bit of encouragement from me. I don't think she was afraid of Devon I think she was afraid he might fall off. Once she figured out that we had a good hold on him (my husband was walking beside us and kept one hand on Devon) then she relaxed and walked out confidently.

What I appreciate about her the most is how calm she is about being handled. I really think I could literally walk right underneath her belly if I wanted to. She is so sweet and so beautiful that I have to remind myself at times where she came from. My whole viewpoint about breeding has changed after realizing horses like Cara really do end up at feedlots. I was already coming to that conclusion before buying Cara, but after buying her that point has really been drilled into my head.

I'm so glad that you let it be known that she was at the feedlot and helped me get her. She has really filled an emotional void that I was feeling. Her sweetness and calmness is what reminded me of why I fell in love with horses in the first place. She is the type of horse that will lend a shoulder to cry on and I really needed that since my other horses are not as giving of themselves emotionally (they're too spoiled and snobby).

Above is one more picture again taken this past Saturday. It is a picture of me riding Cara.

Take care and keep up the good work. What you do really does make a difference.




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