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#284 Fleabitten Gray Arabian Gelding. Appx. 17 - 18 yrs. old. Appx 15 hands. This horse is very skinny. He is very well trained, knows his leads, etc. and is thought to be an ex-show horse. A kind & gentle horse, but does have some spunk. He would require a confident intermediate rider.



I rescued two lovely arabs about 2 1/2 years ago from the feedlots through your listings. A friend of mine in PA has one of the arabs, the older grey, Caspar. I have the bay with the adorable star. I'm including a picture of him. His name is Khalil, which means "friend" in arabic.
What a lovely boy he is. We haven't done much training . . . not int he riding sense anyway. He has lovely ground manners, and has been building trust the entire time. He's a smart, affectionate, and attentive boy.
Anyway, just wanted to check in and give you a follow-up!
Thanks for coordinating this awesome placement!


Caspar (flea-bitten grey), and Khalil (bay) are AWESOME!!!!!!! I chose the name Khalil (pronounced Kaleel), as it is Arabic, and means "friend". They are both getting fat, and are still at my friend Lynn's farm in western, PA. I am converting my barn into a garage and hopefully all the horsies will be "coming home" permanently in the beginning of November! YAYYAYYAY!!!



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