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#193. Solid Dark Bay QH Mare. Appx. 6 yrs. old. Appx. 15 - 15.1 hands. This is a very nicely built mare. She is racetrack trained only. She would require someone familiar with retraining race horses. Friendly.



Well its almost been 2 months since we brought Casper home and she's been home from the trainers for 2 weeks now. She rides very nice and her whoa - watch out she thinks she a reining horse. Backs very nicely too. I've been riding her daily and starting now on roll backs and side passing. Every day she seems to improve and get more trusting. Took her out for her first trail ride on Sunday and she did wonderful. I was very nervous because it was windy. But we made it past dogs barking and cars flying by so I was very impressed with her behavior. Fly mask is now accepted with no problems. When I 1st started to blanket her you'd thought the boogie man was going to get her. Now I can slip the blanket over her head without a halter - major step. Picking up her rear feet is still a struggle but working with her everyday on that sour note. She originally fired out at me, then she went to pumping. Now I just ask her to pick them up and they go right back down. But that's fine for now and a step in the right direction. Can't get the clippers near her, but I guess I wouldn't want them on my face either. Maybe we'll just have to let her get away with that one!!!!!!!! Anyhow she's put on weight and her brown coat looks glossy black. I wish I had a digital camera a scanner so I could show you all. That's all for now.


Just a little update on Casper. I got hurt this past weekend and my leg is out. So instead of Casper just standing we sent her to a trainer for 30days. I went to see her today and she is doing great. The trainer got back boots on her and has been bitting her up. I watched her in the bullpen and she moves nicely. She's getting the whoa down and we got her up in the wash rack. The trainer and I got her right rear up to pick it, so that's a major step for her. Kicked out on the left but we'll try again tomorrow. Things are looking up for this mare.


Ok, this is probably a pretty silly name but it fits. 193 is friendly but she's a spook, so I named her Casper. She received 2 baths today and was a little squirely. But you can tell she will eventually calm down. After 2 baths she is still grimey - yuk. I guess I'm gonna have to give her a bath with palmolive - it cuts the grease. I woke up this morning and was making coffee when I heard her yacking. I looked out the window and she was looking at me and talking. I said good morning and I'll be out there in a minute. Boy oh Boy does she have good ears. I found one of her front shoes on the ground and the other one is still hanging on. Hopefully we can get the farrier out this week. She loves carrots and now she will take apple treats from me. After her brushing she followed me around in her pen. Obviously she enjoyed the brushing and company. When it comes to feeding time she starts her pawing and lets you know she's waiting. I'll send you another update when she's out of quarantine and can visit with my other horses.


Julie, her new mom is ecstatic. The did have some trouble unloading her from the trailer and she was quite sweaty, but it is our hope that she will settle in her new home quickly. Thank you so much Julie for reaching out to help this wonderful little mare!

As soon as we receive information regarding her new name and how she is doing, we will post it to the Success Stories page of our website.



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