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Caylee Wound Chronicle-GRAPHIC
The following is a Graphic chronicle of Caylee's wounds beginning 8/31/2011.


10/14/2011 - Caylee's Wound After 1 Week of IV Antibiotics

Caylee in her stall at the vet clinic with the pad taped on.

Gauze & Bandage Removed.  Thanks to the folks at Derma Gel for sending 40 lbs. of their wonderful product.  The staff at the Vet Clinic told me thought it was "REALLY GOOD STUFF!"

Rump & Wound Right Side

Rump & Wound Left Side

Withers & Wound Right Side

Withers & Wound Left Side

Overhead View of Wound - The Infection is Well Under Control!

Close up of wound healing nicely!

Overhead View of Wound & Scaling on Rump.  Scaling has greatly decreased thanks to Derma Gel & Antibiotics.  The Derma Gel keeps the wound moist and helps healing.

Wound is cleaned and new gauze pads are placed on top of a coating of Derma Gel.  The gauze & pads are used to keep Caylee from continually scratching the wound.  Because of her scratching & rolling when the wound began to itch while it tried to heal, a chronic infection set in.

Dr. Hoyme places a pad over the gauze and wonders where he put the duct tape. (I had it in my hands while I was taking pictures!)

Okay, where the instructions on how to use this duct tape?

Dr. Hoyme & Ingrid wrap up this very special gift in preparation for leaving the clinic after being there for a week.  The wound looks fantastic compared to how it was when she first arrived and how it was when she arrived at the clinic for the IV treatment & continued use of Derma Gel.

10/14/2011 - Caylee Leaves The Vet Clinic

Huge Thanks to Ingrid L. for transporting Caylee to & from the Vet Clinic.  Ingrid was the person who transported her  (along with Newman) from Riverside County AC to TIER a little over a month ago.  She has been Caylee's personal chauffer from the beginning.

All wrapped up and ready to go!  We did have to trim Caylee's tail because when she would swish at flies or when the wound began to itch it would get caught in the heavy scaling on her rump and also strike the back part of her wound. 

10/2/2011 - 1 month of treatment - Before Bath

Before Her Bath


10/2/2011 - 1 Month of Treatment - After Bathing






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