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#268. QH mare. Liver Chestnut. Star, strip, snip. Socks on hind feet. QH folks check this mare out!! She is older, yes. But she has NCHA earnings of over $33,000. AQHA - 19 points. ROM. Dam of money earners. She was kicked in the mouth a long time ago and as a result, her tongue hangs out sometimes where the missing teeth were. She is very, very sore in front and her hooves are long. She had a foal last year, but did not get in foal this year. She is thin right now. Foaled: 3/13/74

This mare is an OWN DAUGHTER of Doc's Lynx!!

. . . Sire: Doc's Lynx
Doc Chablis # 1039022
. . . Dam: Grand Cat



It is September 27, 2001.....Chablis was 27 1/2 years old!!!!!!!!

It is with heavy heart that I write this, but with "THANKS" to all of the support and efforts that were made to allow Chablis to come to AZ to live out her remaining days. Chablis came to us several months ago, with her she brought the sweetest, kindest and gentlest soul you could ever meet. She never asked for more than we could give and always appreciated everything that we did to try to help her ease with this life. I just wish that we could have seen her and enjoyed her a few years sooner. I only wish that "people" would stop "using" these true-innocents and remember that there is a soul inside!

Thank you to all (and especially Gail) for aiding this wonderful old gal to see that life was not ALL here just to be used up. She was loved and honored until the very end.

Chablis' mind and will to live, has been battling with her body since before she arrived. We have been able to give her peace and dignity from this never-ending painful body that she was trapped in. She never complained, but I think that she was in greater pain than I could even imagine.

She lost her battle this afternoon and we were able to give her peace (through the help of the Vet). We will never forget the education and un-ending love and compassion for life that this girl showed us!

Thank you Chablis for being our friend and teaching us about the spirit and soul that was yours!
We will miss you my little Blizzee girl.

Even in this time of great grief.........I do find relief in knowing that we were able to let Chablis enjoy her final days to the best of her ability.

I know that she is still here, and will probably hang around for a long time to watch over us and run through the pastures without the restrictions of pain that she had with her old body. ALL of the critters around here have been effected by her life and death, but they DO tell me that she is still here enjoying herself and free from that body that entrapped her for so long. I know that this probably sounds crazy........but some VERY wierd things have been going on since she passed on.

We miss her very much AND we have come to terms with this, but it is still very hard. We will mourn her as well as celebrate her life. She has left a very heavy mark on our hearts!

Dan, Debbie and all of the "kids"
Dynasty, Luna, McKayla, Jesse, and Hank, too!


Well, just got a bath today!!!!! She LOVED it!!!
Still having problems with the swelling in her left front leg...........liniment rubs start tonight! It just swelled up like this last night!
She is happy!!!!!!
She gets to come in the main yard to graze, boy, is everyone else jealous!!!
She KNOWS that she is special!!!!




Fancy shoes!!!! They are built up so that there is NO pressure on the sole or frog. All support in around the edges and it allows her weight to be evenly distributed around the edges where it is supposed to! The twist in her legs will be corrected (to whatever degree) the hoof is allowed to grow out in a normal fashion!)

It is Monday......the day after Chablis had her visit with the farrier! WOW!!!!!! I am standing in the pasture in tears to see this lovely old gal actually take walking steps (not shuffling) willingly and stroll around the back pasture to graze in the grass! Her attitude is so much more alert and she is exploring today! As she calls to the other horses in the neighborhood, I can tell that she has finally come to realize that she will be able "to be all that she can!" in her future! I can hardly wait to see her progress day by day from here. She is still sore, but this has been a major accomplishment in just one day to feeling better!

Next, she will have her teeth floated on Friday so that her tongue can heal from all of the cuts and abrasions! Eating will not be such a chore in the very near future!!!!

This gal is such a love! She just takes everything in stride! I know that she realizes that we are going to help her feel good! AND now she also KNOWS that she is home!

Thank you Gail for alerting us to this wonderful soul who can now spend her retirement being spoiled rotten and loved!!!!


She definitely is a chronic founder problem child. She has sign of bone Peosteitis (sp?) and only about 1/4" (r side) and 3/4" (l side) of sole. Yep, she will not be able to have that trimmed, but she has 2" from front of toes to that, we can square off the toe some and set back the shoes for comfort! She will be getting more heel support in the shoes.....probably a bar-type with rim pads (no pads under the sole, as the vet feels that this will irritate her problems! farriers will have their work cut out for them tomorrow. They are great, and between the 5 of us (vet, me & Dan, and the 2 farriers), I believe that we will come up with the best solution for both of these wonderful gals!


NOW...........isn't this a MUCH better image than that on the feedlot!!!!!!

Thanks again for allowing us to become the proud owners of Chablis and for making her future possible! Chablis made the trip like a champ! As she got moving off of the transport.....she loosened up, yep she is pretty sore from her trip, but making her adjustment very well! She is in the barn, in her stall, under the misting system, napping away the hot AZ afternoon.
Dynasty, Jesse, Luna, and McKayla have all said "Hi!" to her, but she is just too tired at this point to acknowledge them. Her head has not come out of the hay, yet, but I did catch her sleeping with her head resting in the feeder!
She is so cute with her tongue sticking out!
I believe that she knows she is we have to let her KNOW that she is HOME!

Vet will be out in the a.m. and the farriers will be out on Saturday! I will let you know how it goes!

Chablis & Jesse, Day 1


I was picked up in a van yesterday and taken to a stall to rest. Jusst when I thought it was safe to go to sleep for the night, I was loaded on to a BIG trailer with 4 other horses. This trailer was pretty comfortable as we moved through the night time. I was quite comfortable, but my legs are quite sore, so the guy gave me some paste on the trip.....he said that this would make me feel a little better. Guess helped!
This morning, as the temperature was starting to get warmer........I arrived!!!!!!!!
My new Mom was there to greet me and take me the rest of the way!
I came down out of the trailer, and as I started going back to the barn..........these 4 other horses were talking to me! They were telling me of their journeys, as well.......and that this place IS home! I will never have to move again!
I got into my feeder was loaded with hay.........the floor was covered in thick shavings, and my water barrrel was full to the top with fresh clean water! I even have a misting system above me which sends a mist of cool air on my body!
I am very sore and Mom is letting me out when it is cooler to graze a bit in the grass. I am taking it slow and Mom says that the Vet will be here tomorrow to help with this and then the farrier to help my feet on Saturday!
I KNOW that I am HOME!

Thanks to all that helped me to acheive this journey!
And especially, THANK YOU Auntie Gail for showing me on your website........Mom says that is the way that she found ALL of us!
Mom gave me lots of big hugs from all who love and adore me!
And she whispered those words that I just love to hear in my ears......I Love You, Chablis!


This Grand Old Dame is going HOME! She will be living the life of luxury and retirement in Arizona. There she will join goats, St. Bernards and other horses rescued from the feedlots. Horses such as Jesse, McKayla, Luna, Dynasty and another California transplant named Hank! Mom Debbie is busy getting things in order for this lovely girls arrival! Speaking of arrivals, here is Debbie's newest addition to the family.... Destiny! (uh, the smaller of the two in the picture!).



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