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#175. Bay NSH?? Gelding. Appx. 15.3 hands. Older..20. This horse definitely has Arabian in him. From the pictures you are unable to tell just what a classy act this sweet horse is. Under saddle he is quite flashy. Raises his tail and points those ears as if to say?. Let's go! He would require an intermediate rider.



Hello to all from Central Virginia!!!

Too much time has passed since our last update, and for that I apologize. So much has happened since then, it will be hard to keep this from becoming a manifesto.

For starters, our family and all critters relocated from So Cal to Central Virginia in April 2002. We bought a wonderful horse property in a rural farm community. We have 20 acres of cleared land, 10 of which are fenced and planted grazing pasture for our horses.

Challenger is now officially retired, and is living the life that he could not have even dreamed. He is the leader of the herd, they have open access to come and go as they please from paddock to pasture and back again. He is still the most magnificent creature I have ever met. He is so proud, sometimes prissy, sometimes pissy, but always kind. He keeps his girls in line, and has taught trained them to be 'housebroken'. When they're piled up inside their run-in, he will not allow them to soil the area. That is far too crude for his tastes, and they are quickly reprimanded if they even lift their tail inside!!!

Challenger still has the most beautiful rocking horse canter, his tail is up and his mane is flying. Maybe he is remembering his days in the ring? I can sit for hours watching them as they graze. I love the sight of them running in from the pasture to greet me, but have to admit that I am not above bribery and the treats are freely given here.

Challenger, Sophie and LeChuza were so funny when we first arrived and began to introduce them to the pasture. These horses were stall kept for their whole lives, and didn't really know what to make of all the open space. They would walk around a bit, then look at me as if to say "OK, this is nice. What do we do next?"

We also have 3 new herd members who are special needs horses. Skipper (TMF Skippa Star Date), Jasmine, and Spirit are all blind. They have branched off into a separate mini herd, tho all 6 do get along with minimal fuss. They are truly our special ones, and I am amazed at their trust and instincts. They are great teachers of respect and love, and have amazing intuition and tolerance when my young sons are in petting distance.


Many of you may remember our group feedlot rescue Challenger. My husband Jim and I are blessed to have him stay here with us in Norco, and we are so pleased with his wonderful personality. We've known from the beginning that he was a very special boy, even tho his past was a big mystery to us. Every time he is tacked up, a magical tranformation takes place and he becomes a wonderfully classy and proud gentleman. I ride him western and he responds beautifully, but it's always seemed like he expects more from ME. At this point, I'm in the home stretch of my pregnancy and unable to ride. Fortunately, fellow horse lover Noelle volunteered to come up this past Saturday and give him some arena time.

I think as soon as he saw the English bridle and saddle he knew he had a REAL rider. The transformation took place, and the little prince was ready to show off so we took the short walk to our neighborhood arena. Unfortunately the ride was cut short, as he got a huge rock wedged in his sole on the way to the arena and was a little sore. Here's what Noelle had to say...

"Wish I could have test driven him longer to see what he really knows, but can do that later, :-).
Challenger has either been a lesson horse or shown extensively. He rides like an old schoolmaster. Picks up his cues at the slightest of pressure and expertly at that. He is what you call a push button horse. Bombproof. Extremely well disciplined in cues. He knows flying lead changes and half passes. You could take a kid with just a few lessons and stick them up on Challenger in a show, and I would bet they would place. A very very nice boy that knows his stuff and shows it off perfectly!"

Guess this means that as soon as I'm able I'll be going back to school to learn English & Dressage in order to bring out the best in him !!!


Challenger made it home safe & sound. He hopped into the trailer like the little prince he is. He gave a funny little snort to the lot owner, and we were on our way. Much has happened since he came home. He & Lucy had become fast friends, and the other 2 girls (Sophie & LeChuce) continue to charge him for reaction. To his credit he doesn't get excited, rather he just holds his ground. After we put Lucy down, he seemed a little lonely. The 2 girls have started to accept him now, I think they know he doesn't want to take charge nor will he let them run him. Sanity has returned to the yard!!!

 The first farrier visit was for trim only. His feet were very long and he still had on shoes. We let him rest for 10 days then had the farrier back out to put shoes back on the front. His gait is evening out, and he no longer walks on the outside of his right front foot. The vet has given him a big thumbs up. He has a few fluid pockets on his front knees (windpuffs I think?), but other than that he is in excellent health.

We've had a few nice little trail putts. He is absolutely magnificent when all dressed up. His head is up, neck is arched, tail is out. This is one proud horse. He's gorgeous and he knows it. But his manners are so perfect, I would feel comfortable having a young rider on him. Yesterday after the clinic we rode again, and he went to canter & full gallop. His trot is rough, but his canter is just wonderful.

I guess what I'm trying to say is he's settled in nicely. He seems happy and content. I know we're so very happy to have him here, he adds a lot of personality to the group. Thanks to all who helped make it happen !!!!



Well, they did it! Several wonderful people got together and sent in funds towards this lovely Old Soldier's ransom. A challenge was issued to raise the funds, as a result, he has been named Challenger! The funds finally totaled the ransom price and this wonderful horse will be going to a new home with a new mom, new friends shortly!

Thanks to the fantastic people who reached out to help this horse. Without people like you, horses like this would have................nothing. There wouldn't even be a memory of his passing through! Yeah Team!



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