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Sorrell, QH Filly. 1 yrs. old. This gorgeous baby had never been in a trailer before she was sent to the feedlot. During the loading process, someone tied her in the trailer and she ended up flipping over backwards! She has cuts and bruises and a large gash on her left foreleg above the knee. The cut on her leg is not being treated. Her full sister is there also (2 yr. old and even more gorgeous), but is not a "rescue" as she will be going to a sale where the prices are quite a bit higher. Killer buyers do not frequent that sale.



Asyou know Cherish suffered a fractured humeruos about 5 years ago. Despite my fear of hurting her, my vet assured me she would be just fine &ndash so off I went to give her a job. And boy-oh-boy was she ready to be a grown-up! Within the last two months she has gone from a pasture buddy to moving cows and just started working the barrel pattern. The muscle in her shoulder has gotten much stronger and she is starting to bulk up like more like her QH breeding. I wish I had not waited so long! I included photos for you, so you could take a peek and see how she has grown-up! More photos to follow&hellipI promise J


As for Cherish and I, we are busy little beavers! I received Cherish' registration papers in the mail recently, her registered name is "LIL BIT CHERISHED". We went to our first show on December 5 for a Halter class.............................Cherish made the first cut out of 33 horses and placed in the top ten - no ribbon. But we aren't complaining! It was a long class and we were judged for 40 miuntes before the judge cut the class down to 10 horses. About that time Cherish was just a tad bit tired of standing still and the ants were definitely in her pants! But she was an angel the entire time - from the primping to the ride home!

Just in case you forgot - she is the one who would NOT go in the trailer! But she is happy as a clam in there now! I take her and my other gelding to the state park every weekend for a change of pace - and she is standing at the trailer pawing her feet to get in, the second she sees me back the truck in to hook up! Never would have guessed the little st would turn out that way!

Along with all the halter training that Cher has been getting, I have also been ground driving her. What an excellent student she is! I can drive her through the entire trail course now without any problems. I have also been ponying her with a saddle and she doesn't mind it a bit! At first I thought she might give me some problems and I wanted to confront those when she was a little closer to my size.....but she proved me wrong! I plan to start riding her as a three year old.......and I think she will be well on her way to being an excellent pleasure horse then!


Her new name is Cherish and her new mom is Stacie! Yes! Stacie is beside herself with excitement about Cherish. This little filly will have a wonderful home with two other horses and she will be spoiled.  Which of course she deserves! Yee Haw! Thanks Stacie, for seeing this little girl and wanting to help her. Stacie will pick Cherish up next weekend and take her to the home she deserves and a life of love!

Just wanted to tell you that we had a great trip home. Cherish was calm, cool, and collected all the way. Only kicked once!
You should see her, she is so happy. She says hello to me every time I come around. I brought some of the kids over to see her yesterday, and she played with them so well......such a good girl!
I gave her a bath and clipped her yesterday afternoon. She just stood there and behaved herself like a little lady..........such a good girl!
I took her for a walk around the neighborhood and she was a perfect angel. Didn't wince, jump, shy or screw around the whole time.......such a good girl!
Such a good girl, need I say that again? Maybe I should change her name to "Such A Good Girl ????? Just kidding!



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