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Chino Horses 2-11-2011
TIER was made aware of several horses in need that were in bad condition located in Chino, CA from a posting on Craigslist. Abby was a concerned person that contacted the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA who sent an officer out to investigate. TIER contacted the officer and indicated we could take in 1 or 2 if IVHS needed our help. The horses are thin, being fed corn husks (!!!!), feet are in awful shape and several are being horribly beat up by the stronger horses. It is bad. Thank you for stepping up to make the public and IVHS aware of the plight of these horses Abby.

After speaking to the officer, she indicated that would be issuing a Notice of Intent to Seize, giving the owner 48 hours to provide veterinarian care to the horses that appear to need care. If he is unable to provide that care then they will be seized and given care by IVHS. They are following the State of Californias Penal Code 597.1.

The officer said there were 5 horses in immediate need and that the others appeared in good health.

Mature Bay w/ white markings Mustang Gelding;
Older horribly thin Bay Mustang Mare and her foal who is in good weight (great Momma!);
Older Sorrel QH mare with disgustingly overgrown feet/thin and her foal who is good weight (another great Momma horse!);
Older Mustang Gelding in horrific shape, skinny, deep wounds/lacerations from the other horses;
And a mid to late teens Dark Bay Appendix (?) gelding, skinny, awful wounds/lacerations and it looks like the poor boy also tangled up with all the barbed wire that was lying around.

The officer called me back and said if she could get the owner to surrender the horses would I be willing to take a couple. I told YES and we would take the worst ones. She again called, told me the owner would be calling and that he was willing to surrender the horses. Owner called and I told him I would come pick up the horses as soon as I found transport.

I then called Kristy & Bonnie (horse friends extraordinaire) to see if they would be willing to transport in the next few days. They agreed and then I asked Kristy when they could to this she immediately responded Right Now. We were on the road shortly after I hung up.

Upon arrival in Chino, CA the owner had 3 horses separated from the herd. (This is an old Dairy Farm). I glanced at the 3 and asked him which horses the officer wanted him to surrender he pointed to the horses in the alley and I asked to see the others.

The mature Mustang Gelding, Older Mustang Mare and her foal were still out with the herd. They were not very approachable but I did get some pictures. I wanted to bring the mare to TIER but the danger of trying to cut her out of the herd with her foal was too difficult at the time. Both of these mustangs don't appear to have been handled or they have been handled roughly and are on high alert.

We decided to take the poor Appendix and Younger Mustang Gelding as they were in awful condition. I noticed a foal hanging by the fence near the QH mare with the horrible feet and asked why the mares foal was not with her. Owner didnt want to let the foal go. I told him that the IVHS Officer has said foals were to go with mares. He finally agreed. He also told me that someone else was supposed to come pick up whatever horses we did not take.
I have sent the pics of the horses we brought in to Geek and hopefully she will ge them up soon. Better pictures will be taken today and posted.

HUGE Thanks to SuperSTB and her sister for making two trips to that hellhole. BIG KUDOS to the officer who worked all day yesterday to help get these poor horses to a safe haven. Finally! An AC officer in that area who is Horse Savvy.


2/23/2011 - Mustang Mare & Foal UPDATE!

Update from the Officer assigned to the case.  Woo Hoo!

Mare and foal are on their way and loading them was quiet and uneventful.  The mare was actually (hesitantly) eating dandelion greens from my hand. (When I wasn&rsquot looking of course)  I think she will quiet down well once she lets her guard down.  The baby seems to be in good health, not social yet.

2/16/2011 - Horses Still at Lot

I received a message from the AC Officer on this case indicating that the Horse Rescue that was supposed to pick up the horribly thin Mustang Mare and her foal and another horse on Friday, 2/11/2011 did not pick up these horses. 

The Mustang Mare.  She was on the move and herding her foal into the group so I couldn't get close enough for decent photos. 

That is part of her long mane hanging down her neck.

These horses need to get to a SAFE place!  The Officer told the owner that he can only release these horses to a rescue that IVHS has approved.


Appendix Gelding

Young Mustang

QH Mare's Front Feet.

Better/More pictures coming soon.

2/11/2011 - The Chino 4 come to TIER

What a busy day for horses that needed a safe place to land!  

The officer from IVHS & SPCA called to ask us that IF she could get the owner to surrender the horses would TIER be willing to take a couple of these poor horses. I told her YES and that we would take the ones in the worst shape.  In prior conversations with the Officer about the condition of the horses, we assumed there was 1 or possibly 2 that needed immediate need. 

Sigh...I know I should never assume anything when dealing with these types of situations. 

We ended up brining in 4 of the most needy horses.  Links to their page/story are below: (further updates will be on their individual pages)

EDISON:  Mid to late teens Dark Bay Appendix (he looks ALL TB to me) gelding, appx. 15-17 yrs. old, VERY skinny, awful wounds/lacerations literally from head to toe, all 4 legs, belly, neck, rear, etc. and it looks like the poor boy also tangled up with all the barbed wire that was lying around.  Puncture wound on right shoulder (infected & draining), deep wire cut on right rear ankle and on left front ankle.

MOMMA MAVIS:  Red Dun QH mare with disgustingly overgrown feet (a 2 1/2 inch nail was found in one of her feet), approximately 15-17 yrs. Her left front knee has an old break/slab fracture, right rear ankle is thickened, possible founder in the past. She has had a busy couple of days and with trying to protect her baby, broken knee, very overgrown feet and with all the changes and people she is tuckered out. A sweet mare that took care of her baby as best she could given her circumstances.

DIXIE COURAGE: Red Dun QH filly, approximately 3-4 months old, large umbilical hernia (will be addressed once she puts on weight), thin.  She is somewhat lethargic due to lack of proper nutrition (corncobs & cornhusks as a diet didn't give her Momma much help in providing good milk).  Sweet filly.

CHINO:  Mustang Gelding in horrific shape, skinny, deep wounds/lacerations from the other horses in lot. Feet are VERY overgrown. Unfortunately, his past experiences (he was also being chased and roped while at that lot) have made it extremely difficult to gain his trust.

Vet could not get his hands on him so we aren't sure of his age.  Deep neck wound that is infected and draining.

We just didn't have the room/funds to bring in the remaining Mustang Mare and her foal that needed to get out of that awful situation.  The officer in charge of the case has contacted another rescue who will be taking in the mare and foal.



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