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#270. Bay TB mare. White on left rear. Small star. Appx. 4 yrs. old. Appx. hands. This is a very lovely mare! Sweet and personable. Right in your face kissing! She has a recent puncture wound on her left hind. She was sent to the feedlot as she has a possible fractured pelvis and would require 5-6 months layup. She moves around fine from what I could see, and even was bending around/down to lick the wound on her leg without difficulty. Racetrack broke only.



It is with very sad heart that I am writing to tell you that Claire was put down today. She was diagnosed as a wobbler when she first came here but was no problem. Over the last few months she started having seizures and with it her behavior changed. She began to get very aggressive and dangerous to be around. This was very difficult for all involved but she is free of her disability and pain. She will always be in our heart and I will miss her terribly.

Thank you for bringing her into my family, even for the short time we had her.


Dear Gail,

Claire and I wanted to write you as soon as we got to our new home. Boy it was a long ride. As you know we left on Wednesday morning but we did not get to our house till Thursday night. Mom was so worried about us. Claire did not do to well. She had a tough time hauling. The pain was really bad for her and the bumping around we difficult. She unloaded very very slowly and boy she could hardly walk. Mom met the trailer at the farm and had our rooms ready with new shavings, fresh water and lots of really fresh (just cut) hay. I really wanted to go and meet our new family but Claire couldn't handle it so mom but us to bed right away. It was a really pretty night though. The mom was out and I could see my new sisters (5 of them) out in their paddocks munching away. I said hello and they answered back. We got lots of love when we were settled in. Mom is very concerned about Claire. She gave her something for the pain. Before mom left she washed down our faces with a cold washcloth and cleaned our dirty eyes of all the travel dust. Then she gave us a treat and several kisses and hugs. Before she left she also turned on some soft music and turned of the lights so we could sleep well and we did. Mom was back at the farm early to feed and introduce us to the family. It was all so exciting. Everyone, except Claire ran around in their paddocks showing off what they could do. I meet Duchess, Beauty, Katie, Cassie and Star. Beauty told me she was the only one that didn't go through your program. She really cool though. We talked and played all day while mom worked in the pasture and cleaned the barn and gave Claire a bath. Mom went to the feed store and bought a bunch of stuff. I got a new fly sheet and a rain blanket and so did Claire. She told us it rains up her in Washington a lot so she wanted us to be ready. Its supposed to rain tonight. Claire had a tough day and mom spent a lot of time with her. I think she will be all right. Mom talked to the vet about her and he is coming out in a few days. He wants her to settle in a bit before he has to do things with her. I heard we are going to get shots too. YUCK!!!! Well, I am going to take a nap.

Thanks for all you have do for us Gail. You're great. I know mom is happy we are here and so are we.

Love always,
River and Claire


Claire (#270) and River (#278) will be headed to their new home within the next day or so. Yes, they will be traveling together and living together at their new home with Michelle! Michelle felt so bad for Claire and River's situation and has been jumping through hoops to get them both. And.......she has succeeded!



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