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#245 Gray QH Gelding. Appx. 17 - 18 yrs. Appx. 16.2 hands. This handsome boy has been a lesson horse. Unfortunately, he is very sore in front and could not continue his job. His reward....a feedlot. The reason for the soreness is not known. This is a very sweet horse that really needs someone to care for him as he has cared for his riders in the past.



Clay has been sore, I think we are going to end up nerving him. We have decided that he is retired. He deserves it. He is such a loving horse. I love this horse so much I am so glad that we have him in our lives. My son loves to be around him and I trust him with my son who is 5. I wish he were going to be my sons first riding horse, but it is okay that he is not. I am just happy that he is teaching my son how to lead horses and groom him. When people come out he says "Clay is MY horse and nobody rides him."

Thank you for my wonderful horses.......



Clay is doing great, my filly April is in season and Clay thinks he is still a young stud!! He is going really good, he acts a little sore when he is on hard ground, but once you get him in our sand arena WATCH OUT because he is 2 years old again (in his mind). He runs, bucks, toots, and heards April around. The vet says that he has really bonded to me, she was out checking him over and she was holding him while I went to give my daughter something and she said he didn't take his eyes off of me. I love him, he is however my Mom's horse, but he tends to like me a little better he still likes my Mom though. The MSM is really helping his feet combinded with the shots he gets. He is so pretty everyone that comes out is just in awe with him. They walk right by my warmblood and go straight to him!!


He is doing great, no I shouldn't start recondtioning him until he has a couple of months to recoop from his year of being over ridden. I am just dying to hop on him bareback or something!! BUT I won't without the okay from his vet. If they say not until next year then I wait until next year if they say never than that's fine too. I don't think she will have bad news for me though because he has been off of bute and running around (like the stud he is) for over a week. The shoer opened up his heels in the front and put bar shoes on the rear then hopefully we can start going natural with his feety peedy's. The vet AND shoer are in love with Clay and the vet has even said if he ever needs a home she will take him (he is NEVER leaving though).



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