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Cleopatra - #56 Bay Arabian Mare. Black Mane/Tail/Legs. 7-8 yrs. old. Appx. 15 hands. Large boned Arabian (Polish?). This mare is a doll! She has those large, expressive Arabian eyes. Very curious and friendly. Would require an experienced rider willing to spend some time with her and be consistent. She rides very, very well and would blossom with consistent riding/instruction. She's that broke! Rescued 5/29/99 by Elizabeth Z.



Cleopatra, the beautiful bay Arabian mare rescued by Elizabeth went home! Cleo had been in quarantine and boarded until her new home was ready for her!

From Elizabeth:  My neighbor also met me at the stables, although she was  primarily busy with the rabbit she had acquired from the 4-H there.   Anyways, back to Cleo. She greeted me at her stall door, stuck her head out and sniffed Chris' bunny.  I got her halter on and led her around the stables to get her somewhat used to all of the smells and whatnot there. One the way I introduced her and myself to the few people we met- all were very knowledgeable about feedlot horses and one woman had one herself. They all fawned all over Cleo, who did her best to acknowledge the attention by rubbing her head up and down on my arm. She also flirted with the few horses that were on the hot walker there, causing a slight ruckus.

I turned her out in a smaller covered arena, where she took a minute to sniff everything before finding the perfect space to roll.  Of course, she had to turn around three times before lying down, where she got one side of her all sandy, then got up, turned around three more times, then lay down on her other side.  She responded perfectly to my hands, proving that she had been taught somewhere to free lunge.

After a few minutes playing around in there, I turned her out in the larger arena. Cleo was more curious than anything, and didn't decide to take off and run as I might have expected, although she did trot about rather quickly. I noticed that she seemed very stiff in her front legs, which I figured was probably from the long trailer haul down. I lunged her for a little bit on both leads, and she responded beautifully.  She's had a slight limp on her right front leg- it looked like her shoulder- but after a few minutes she stretched her muscles out a bit and she looked fine. At least, as far as I could tell.

She is an absolute doll on the ground and although I haven't  ridden her (will maybe try her out this weekend if she looks comfortable, otherwise I'll wait until next weekend) she has been very well trained.  She knows all lunging cues and is very willing to do whatever you ask of her. I honestly have NEVER known a horse this sweet and willing. I admit that I haven't been around her very much, but to perform for almost a perfect stranger as easily as for a trainer I have never known. And truly I have ridden a LOT of horses.

In walking her around the grounds, it was noticeable that she was very aware of everything that was going on around her, but she really wasn't looking at anything to spook at. She just happened to be very aware of her surroundings- but still calm in the same sense. She even answered a horse when he whinnied... albeit in my ear, but it was still cute after I regained my hearing.

I just still cannot get over her personality! It's probably because I've been around quite a few onry horses that I became a little hard to them, but Cleo is just the sweetest! She leads fine, is very respective of your space, and is even respectful of when a person is in the arena. When I entered the arena to get her moving a little she stopped in case I wanted to catch her. It was just incredible!  When we put her in her stall, she looked around for a minute, sniffed her hay, then stuck her head back out for us to fawn over her more. I have a feeling she'll be a ham in no time flat.  My neighbor and I walked out to the car and talked for a few minutes... when I gave a last minute look towards the barn before I got into the car I noticed Cleo's head was sticking out around her stall door, watching us. I told her goodnight, and that I'd be back tomorrow. I don't know if she believed me or not.

Well, so far that's the update. I'll tell you more when more things happen. I just want to thank you so much, Gail! The past few weeks have been so lousy, but the minute I put the halter on Cleo and introduced her to people as "my horse" it was all completely forgotten.

I still cannot get over the fact that anyone would want to slaughter this gorgeous animal! In fact, neither could anyone else who saw her. But she's safe and sound now, thanks to you.  A big thank you, too, from Cleo.


Her new name is Cleopatra (Cleo for short). She was saved by a lovely lady named Elizabeth Z. Cleo will be in 2 weeks quarantine (due to exposure to strangles from the feedlots). After her two weeks is up, if all is well, she will be going home with Elizabeth. Cleo is a wonderful mare! Kind, willing, calm. Besides having a wonderful personality and temperment, Cleo is a beautiful mover, rides well and is just gorgeous! 



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