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Coco (Ginger)
#178. Sorrell Appaloosa Mare. Appx. 15 - 16 yrs. Appx. 15.1 hands. This mare has one eye, but it does not cause her problems. She was used as a camp horse because she rode so well. She is not spooky at all on her blind side (right side). She is affectionate and very nice. She would require a Beginner/Intermediate rider. Lovely mare.

Through the dedicated efforts of Michael, Keri & Kela, this absolutely awesome mare has a home!! She will be be going home shortly to Kela's where she will have the opportunity to be constantly loved on by children learning about horses. Michael helped Keri to save this mare because he knew of her love for Appaloosa. This mare will be a teacher and friend to children who need to learn how to groom, ride, saddle, pick hooves, etc. She will give to these folks what most of these horses give so willingly when they have the chance to be who and what they are.............Unconditional Love. Thanks Michael, Keri & Kela!!!



She is doing fine today, our vet diagnosed her with ringbone in both front feet. She was given a shot of cortisone and we have special shoeing done for her so she is no longer in pain and doing really well. She loves the kids and we are using her as our beginning grooming horse for the lesson program, right now this is all she does until we are positive she is fully recovered.

Funny thing is her best friend and pasture buddy is the paint mare with what the kids call polka dots that came out of the same feedlot. Coco/Ginger is a great patient old girl, is much loved and a nice addition to the barn.



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