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Sorrell w/blaze mare. Appx. 15 years. Appx. 15 hands. This is a very nice mare though she needs some weight. She also was at the camps this summer and was used hard. She rides well. Personable mare.

This mare (now named Cola) has gone home with a lovely lady named Ann. Ann has two other lovely horses and this mare is a welcomed addition! Cola will live the rest of her days with Ann and friends. Thank you so much Ann!

Cola was rescued by a very nice lady with two other horses. The two mares are in a dominance struggle, and Cola has become aggressive toward this lady's gelding also. Both the lady and I are surprised as Cola is 20 yrs. old and was at the feedlot with many other horses without problem. Anyway, the lady feels she should find Cola another home as the situation is potentially dangerous for all horses concerned. And, Cola being older, cannot physically continue to maintain this level of high energy required for her to be on constant alert. TIER has offered to take Cola in and find her a home, but we do not have the funds to reimburse the woman who paid her ransom of $500.00. We are asking for help in getting the funds together to purchase Cola and find her a new home where she will be happier and not struggling to be the boss.




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