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#634 - Cole - Quarter Horse Colt. Solid Black.



Cole (now named Coal &ndash but better known as Coalie, Coalie Boboli, the Coal Man and just Buddy!)  is doing GREAT!  I suppose our biggest news is that 2 years ago I bought a new house and moved the entire equine and canine population to my home.  A dream come true!!!!  It was a learning experience to be sure in the beginning - taking care of 3 horses round the clock but we are old hands now&hellip So Coal and Flash my wonderful 24 year old Paint gelding and Blue my 22 year old paint mare all live in peaceful harmony.  Coal is like their son!

As for training &ndash after we left Steve in Riverside we had a great time with my friend Teacy training us &ndash but she had to go and get married and move to Australia &ndash so after some fits and starts with other trainers  - finally about 1 ½ years ago we found a wonderful trainer, Steve Boyles, here in the area.  WELL!  Steve, Coal and I all hit it off and have had a blast.  Let's just say that Coalie is a star!  When Steve first started with Coal &ndash he would take him for long rides around the neighborhood &ndash getting him used to all the sights and sounds &ndash  As I had just moved in, I became known around the hood as Coal's mom &ndash he actually knew more people than I did!  Coal has blossomed under Steve's tutelage &ndash and is definitely trainer's pet!  So aside from our two lessons a week with Steve and nice trail rides 2-3 times a week &ndash Coal also has a part time job.  He is so calm and well behaved that Steve likes to use him as an example for his younger students &ndash so Coal can often be found ponying the 3 and 4 year olds!  He loves having a job!

He is an AWESOME horse &ndash not only has he grown into a gorgeous physical specimen (16 hands of pure equine beauty!)  but you couldn't ask for a nicer horse.  The bonus is that he's smart and he&rsquos hilariously funny as well.  He is just a happy go lucky horse!  He still has his funny annoying ways with other horses sometimes &ndash but Flash and Blue have taught him a lot about not being a noodnick.

Coal as super model!  I love this one and have it framed in my living room &ndash he is living breathing art in this photo!

My favorite &ndash I love him so much and love how happy and trusting he looks in this photo!

I like this one because I always feel like Coal is taking care of me out on the trail.

Me and Coalie out by the lake near our house &ndash I&rsquom so lucky to have found him!

I swear that Coalie has kept Flash young &ndash the run and play together and it warms my heart!

Here we all are grazing and hanging out in the front yard!


a Postcard from Cole
Well I've been trying to get a letter out to you for almost a week but Mom's (I'm not sure about calling her that yet, but it seems to make her happy) email went kerflooooie until yesterday and we haven't been able to set up my laptop in my new stall yet&hellip

But here I am &ndash and wow have I been busy! Mom's enrolled me here at Uncle Steve's Happy Camp for Horses for the summer and I really really like it! I fit right in with my new neighbors and I'm already sharing their water buckets with them just like at Cindy's place! There's a whole lot of activity going on here &ndash people comin and goin and dogs and trucks and all kind of interesting things. My new stall is up on a hill so I can see everything that's happening and I like it that way.

I slept really good my first night here and the next day Uncle Steve said something about me having a new job and sure enough he started showing me what's what right then and there. Then Mom came out Thursday for our first real lesson together and well, let's just say, it's a good thing we're both real excited cuz we have a lot of work to do! I was so excited that I couldn't really stand still so good so Uncle Steve gave me my first challenge: trying to stand tied up for one whole hour. He thinks he's so clever &ndash probably didn't think I could do it but I showed him and when my Mom came for our next lesson on Saturday &ndash I stood stock still while they got me all gussied up for my lesson. HA &ndash that'll show Uncle Steve who's the smart one here.

So our lesson on Saturday went really well &ndash Uncle Steve said I was a star and they should make a movie about me called "Coal the Wonder Horse."  I think he wants to keep me but Mom says no way&hellip Ah yes, its so nice to be in demand!

Mom really seems to like me a lot (she says its love at first sight, but I waiting a bit before I make that kind of commitment) and she's always hanging out in my stall makin&rsquo a big fuss over this and that. Uncle Steve laughs at her and says she's babying me but you know what? I kinda like it!

So that's my first week in a nutshell &ndash I'm really having fun and I can't wait for Mom to come out again &ndash She's coming Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00am (and probably other times too!) and she wanted me to tell you that you should come and watch us sometimes &ndash just don't laugh cuz we're still a little rough around the edges!!

Before I go, I just have to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. (Oh gosh, I'm getting teary eyed here).

Cindy &ndash Thanks so much for letting me hang up my halter for the last couple of months &ndash it was super fun and I enjoyed my time with you a lot &ndash and hey, I got to meet Uncle Steve too! Your place is really comfortable and filled with love &ndash please say hello to Penny and Fame and everyone else for me and you had better come and visit me soon!

Gail &ndash It's been a long road from that nasty situation up in Canada to here &ndash I don't know what would have become of me if you hadn't stuck by me all this time &ndash there were a couple of false starts, but you know what, I think I'm really gonna love my new life. Mom's not the greatest horsewoman in the world but she sure knows how to make a pony feel good about himself. I think I've got a real future now and I owe it all to you. Please keep on helping horses like me &ndash it makes the world a much much better place.

A big Shout Out to all the horses at TIER from ole Coalie himself &ndash I'll never forget any of you guys! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my road to stardom!

Lots and lots of love and kisses,
    Coalie the wonder horse.

And from Mom too &ndash she's beside herself with happiness!


Cole was officially adopted by Rebecca. She was able to whisper in his ear &lsquoyou are going home&rsquo . Cole will spend a few months at Foster mom Cindy&rsquos trainer&rsquos facility to give him a stronger foundation. Congratulations Rebecca & Cole!


The end of April 2005 Cole went into training/foster care with Cindy H. Cindy, a long time supporter of TIER offered to work with a TIER resident to help facilitate their adoption. As this would be the first horse that Cindy had fostered, we chose Cole as he is even tempered, intelligent and willing. Cole blossomed under Cindy&rsquos care and she worked with her personal trainer to help Cole become the best he can be.

Enter Rebecca. Rebecca had read about SueAnne on the TIER website and sent a donation to help with her continuing cost of care after her surgeries. While visiting the website she came across Cole&rsquos information and contacted us about adopting him. Rebecca visited with Cole and then came out for weeks to work with him and get to know him per the TIER adoption process. What a great match they make!


Cole also had a great day this past weekend!

Looking at the pictures you can see that I was able to saddle him up and ride! Since he had some previous training it was easier for me to re-introduce the saddle and riding.

I am not aware of how extensive he has been trained but I just went about it like he had never had someone sit on him. I&rsquod rather be safe than sorry. Especially since it had been quite awhile since the last time he did carry a saddle and rider. I had him check out the saddle and pad first. When I saw him put his head under the saddle pad to try to put it on himself I knew he was fine with the saddle and pad. (So cute!)

He stood perfectly still for the saddle pad and saddle. When I mounted he was perfectly still and such a gentleman.

We were able to get into a walk and trot and attempted the canter. But since my saddle that I brought wasn&rsquot fitting as nice as I&rsquod like, I figured I wouldn&rsquot push trying to get the canter. Next time I will bring a pad or use one of Gail&rsquos so my weight isn&rsquot pushed forward. I had to compensate for it and lean back a little farther than normal. It was all accomplished in a halter and lead rope. I used a loose one rein and was able to do some lateral flexion, hindquarter disengagement and backing up. He was great. He didn&rsquot mind the rope being tossed over his head and he also gave a lot of effort to give me what I wanted. I think next time I am there I will take him out of the round pin and into a larger area to work on more stuff.

Cole really is an awesome guy. I enjoy working with him. He tries very hard and really is a pleasure.

More progress to come!


Wow! What an absolute doll! This cute gelding is SO sweet! He has had some prior training, but being young he likes to test people. At first he seemed to be lazy and not impressed with much of what I did. But once he saw that I was beating him at his own pushing/shouldering in games he woke up a bit! It was like flicking a switch. His eyes became bright and his ears were forward as to say &ldquoWho the heck are you?!&rdquo

This guy is SMART! He was a blast to play with! He quickly went through the games. So quick that I was able to already start playing some of the seven games at Liberty (no halter or lead rope on him). He would just go off of my body language and I think he really enjoyed it. I loved playing with him. In fact we were able to play 5 of the 7 games at Liberty in just our first time together. He eats this type of interaction up! When I would give him the cue to come to the center and &ldquorest&rdquo with me he would drop his head turn and trot up to me and stop at a respectable distance. He did very well for the first time working with me.

Cole&rsquos temperament is pretty easy going but if he doesn&rsquot understand or doesn&rsquot like what you requested of him he gets somewhat reactive. But if you are clear and allow him to figure it out he catches on SO fast! He really does have an incredible mind! I can&rsquot say enough good things about this little guy. I look forward to playing with him again next time I go out to see Mona.

He has a nice play drive that needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow. He&rsquos highly curious and likes having a &ldquojob&rdquo. Cole has a great head on those beautiful shoulders of his. Not a mean bone in his body at all, he just needs some more confidence and he&rsquos going to be incredible.

I can&rsquot wait to go back! I will keep you all updated!



Unfortunately, Cole's adoptors had some unexpected changes in their lives and they were unable to keep this lovely boy. While he was in the care of his adoptors, he received basic training. Cole is back at TIER and is available for adoption. He will need to be started in training, but he is a very smart boy and has a nice disposition. He is a thinker, still growing, likes toys and can be mischievous. He is appx. 3 yrs old.....almost 4!! Cole is available for sponsorship & adoption.


Here is a pic of Coalie in his pen, as usual head sticking over the rail b/c he saw mom approaching. He also likes to help us remember where the food is, he's right next to the hay barn as you can see . . .

8/27/2002 - Cole has been adopted!

This lucky guy will be going to his new home with Poppa Bill & Moma Joy very soon.

Bill is quite enthusiastic about Cole coming home. He has renamed him Coal and has made contact with a trainer in the area to assist with Baby School for Coal. Moma Joy has made sure that Coal will have buddies at his new home by providing a few new friends!!

We will be looking forward to pictures and updates as Bill, Coal & Joy go down the trails!!

Thank you Bill/Joy for being who you are and caring about the welfare of so many!!



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