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Crowning's Promise
#168. Grey TB gelding. Clean legged. Appx. 16 - 16.1 hands. Thin. This horse is only 8 yrs. old (soon to be 9 yrs. old). He does have an attitude and would need an experienced person to work with him. Foaled 5/11/92

Out of Promised Woman
Crowning's Promise
By Promised Land

This big boy will be headed to Texas shortly to live with his new mom Alicia! Alicia has several other rescues and a number of other horses. She from the horses...but especially from Crowning's Promise!



Another update. Smokey has been turned out with some other horses (4) just as he wanted. He galloped out to see them (approximately 30 acres in this pasture), looked around and then came right back! The mares came to water and went numerous times and Smokey stayed. Can it be he has never been in a large pasture? Poor thing was certainly insecure about the whole thing. Want's to stay near the barn (like a horse running back into a burning barn, I guess). Anyway it has been several days now and, while I would bring him in for feeding to make sure he got his fair share, out he would go afterwards. He has finally learned that there are wonderful things out there to eat and look at. Round ring/riding wise nothing has been done till I finish classes but he is adjusting quite well.


This horse is fascinating. I haven't done much with him. Just talk and feed. His physical condition changes by the day. In the first 24 hours the drawn look began to disappear. Now the hip area, although the bones are still prominent, is filling out tremendously. He has powerful looking hindquarters. He is more friendly and personable everyday and wants very much to get into a pasture with other horses but I feel he needs to stay in his paddock a little longer. He can talk to them over the fence a little while longer!



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