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Dancers Magic
1-2012: Evidentally a woman rescued a 28 year old arabian stallion from a breeding facility that went under. She recently has been trying to give him away, placing for free ads for him on Craigslist. He is now at risk because she gave him to a home that no longer wants him after 2 weeks.


1/13/2012 - Photos

1/13/2012 - Farewell

Dancers Magic was picked up and taken to a veterinarian for evaluation of his troublesome hind end issues.  He was quite anxious/nervous and did not travel in the trailer well. He was having difficulty with his back end and nearly went down a couple of times. He was in good weight, respectful of his handler, yet very anxious, covered in sweat and paced unsteadily. 

After examination by the vet, it was determined that he had significant arthritic issues in his hind end, specifically his right leg.  He was unsteady when turning or backing up.  Vet indicated that Dancers Magic was uncomfortable and was not a happy horse.

Due to his age, lack of a home, his progressive arthritic problems and the fact that he was a stallion, Dancers Magic was humanely euthanized.  The decision to give him a dignified ending was VERY difficult.

Farwell Dancers Magic. It was a distinct honor to have met you.  We only wish that we had been able to spend more time with you.


Original message:

I gave an older bay stud away to a family who I felt was the right home. Ive been informed the new owner plans to dump/leave him somewhere now as something has come up wrong him with him. I cant go get him, Im hours away, nor can afford it. Id like to see if someone can check up and possibly take him in. Hes a great horse, has been for me and never had a problem with him. Would hate to see anything bad happen to him.

He informed me he was going to "leave him somewhere" due to he became unrideable, which Im confused about since he was in good health when I dropped him off. Hes 28yr, looks 15 at most, bay-white star and white hind sock, Arab stud. Not the dainty type of Arab. Super mellow, laid back horse. I dont know his present condition. I do know I dropped him off in good weight about 2 weeks ago.  Just concerned that he does dump him and gets in bad condition.&rdquo

TIER is trying to find a place for this older Arabian Gentleman to go.  TIER is full and cannot take him in.  Thanks to the efforts of a wonderful lady who wishes to remain anonymous,  the person who now has Dancers Magic is willing to let us pick him up.  BUT Dancers Magic needs a home!

NEW INFO:  Dancers Magic, bay stallion, foaled June 15, 1984, reg# 310676.  6 registered progeny, last one foaled in May 2001.  Performance record only shows one class in 1991.

We were informed  that there is a problem with his left hind leg.   At this point we need to know what the issue is with his leg.  We have been told that he has fallen down a few times.  Dancer's Magic will be picked up in the next few days, seen by a vet and once we know what is going on with his leg, we will then know how to proceed.

Funds are needed for transport costs to the vet and for an evaluation of his leg issues.


1/11/2012 - Dancers Magic Pedigree

SERAFIX AHR8955 Chestnut 1949

RAKTHA GSB988 Grey 1934

NASEEM GSB752 Grey 1922

RAZINA GSB759 Chestnut 1922

SERAFINA GSB1222 Chestnut 1945

INDIAN GOLD GSB985 Chestnut 1934

SHARFINA GSB1036 Chestnut 1937

ROYAL GOLD AHR22170 Chestnut 1962

ROYAL SILVER AHR7417 Grey 1952

GRAND ROYAL AHSB1226 Chestnut 1947

ORAN GSB1076 Chestnut 1940

SHARIMA GSB957 Chestnut 1932


RANGOON AHSB146 Grey 1921

SOMARA AHSB449 Grey 1930


Dancers Magic

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