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DEACON (Formerly Moose)
Deacon (formerly Moose) was at a horse dealer's lot and in need of help. He was purchased by Hicaliber Horse Rescue and brought to their facility. Their farrier put shoes on him for support. He had an infected head wound that they cleaned up.

Hi Caliber accepted our offer to bring this Old Soldier to TIER to join our Old Fogeys group and dazzle the crowd!

Moose is quite thin and he is getting on in age, older, elderly, mature, not getting any younger, or we like to think of him as a survivor who has endured much and made it so far.

He is in need of groceries and major dental care.


9/3/2017 - Cellulitis Follow-up & Farrier

(Deacon cruising around prior to Vet/Farrier)

Had our regular vet out to do follow-up on Deacon's Cellulitis.  Swelling has decreased.  His leg has definition and looks like a leg instead of a tree stump.  The ankle still remains "puffy" and I've been concerned about it.  He has NOT taken a misstep, favored the leg or shown any sign of discomfort since he's been here.

He is doing well, but we have a few things to do to help him along. (More medication, sweat/wrap). Weight gain is slow, most likely due to age, EOTRH, long term lack of nutrition, hoof/ankle/cellulitis.  Vet gave me a Furacin mix he made up to apply to his puffy ankle/fetlock.  Wrap w/Saran wrap and apply standing wrap for 24 hrs. for a couple days, then reduce to 12 hrs.  He will also be getting Naquasone for 5-6 days.  Continue w/cold hosing, walking, turnout as we have been.

I had the farrier here at the same time because, when possible, I like having the professionals helping our horses to collaborate and be on the same page if you will.  Being the "middleman" between farrier, vet, chiropractor, dentist, etc. can sometimes result in me telling one of them what "I think I heard" to the other.  Stuff can get lost in translation.

I was concerned about separation of the hoof at the coronary band of that hind leg.  It appeared to be "cracked" all the way around the hoof.   Both farrier & vet said it was most likely from the continual ankle swelling and subsequent ceillulitis.  At this time, it is not a major concern.

Farrier trimmed his hooves/replaced front shoes. He did not put wedges back on at this time. On his left hind leg (the one with the puffy ankle and eventually cellulitis) at the coronary band on the heel, he found a spot where an abcess had at sometime in the past blown out at the heel. The origin of the abcess occurred in the corn area at the junction where the bars meet the heel buttresses. Abcess blew at the coronary band and sole.  Still draining a bit at the sole. 

Evidence of old scratches on both hinds (long term) w/small active spots on his pasterns just above the heel.  Applied Biozide.  Abcess or scratches could have been the cause of the cellulitis AND the puffy ankle.  Who knows?  We can only treat what we have in front of us now.  Poor guy just had a hard time before he got here.

8/20/2017 - Swelling is Going Down

Whew!  The swelling from Deacon's cellulitis appears to be decreasing.  His appetite is good (Alfalfa Hay, Purina Equine Senior, Soaked Alfalfa Pellets).  He was turned out to get some excercise on his own and he seems to think that the Hay in the back of the cart is better than the hay in his feeder!

He gets his second round of Excede antibiotic shots on 8/21/2017.

8/17/2017 - My Leg Got Fat!

Went out this morning to give Deacon his breakfast & Previcox and found that his left hind leg was swollen from coronet to about 4" below his stifle.  I mean SWOLLEN.  This is the leg that had been injured prior to his arrival at TIER on 7/23/2017.  Intake pics/videos from previous owners on 7/19/2017 showed no swelling of that limb.  We assume that there was some kind of incident in whatever corral he was placed in at the prior facility that caused the original puffiness.

Deacon received 2 injections of Excede antibiotic and he will get 2 more injections on Monday.  Previcox for 5 days.  No temperature.  290.00 So glad we caught the "cellulitis" today. It sure wasn't there yesterday.  No open sore that we could find that let the bacteria in, but there is a bit of a soft spot on the front of the cannon bone that could be getting ready to open........or not. Sheesh.

This poor guy can't catch a break!  Shedding that nasty unhealthy coat and putting on a little weight.  Upped his hay ration and he's cleaning it all up. Such a sweet guy is this Deacon boy!

Pics were taken after lots of cold hosing, walking and the swelling had gone down a tad. I was so shocked/surprised when I saw his leg this morning that I forgot to take pictures of how it looked in the beginning.

8/11/2017 - Labs are back!

Just talked to Dr. Johnson re: Deacon's labs.

Labs are normal for his age/condition with no major concerns right now. We need to get some weight on him and do have a diet in place.

It is hoped that he will gain weight well and perhaps the heart murmur will resolve or lessen. Dr. Johnson would like to do the surgery in 2 months if all goes well.

8/11/2017 - Video Of Deacon's Dental Exam

HUGE thanks to Dr. Jacob Johnson of Mohave River Equine Veterinary Service for taking time out of his very busy schedule to create a video regarding Deacon's dental issues and to educate us on EOTRH (Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis).  He has been successfully treating this disease for a number of years.

Dr. Johnson's lifetime experience of horsemanship and 10 plus years doing extensive, advanced dentistry will help ensure a favorable outcome for Deacon. 

Link to video compiled by Dr. Johnson: 

Link to TIER's PayPal to help Deacon:





8/10/2017 - Just Strollin Along...

We let Deacon out for a stroll today.  He did meet a couple of the other horses, did a big trot for a bit, seemed to have some energy and was alert.

He is eating all his hay (except for some stems), senior feed, pellets and medication.  Seems to have put on a little weight, but it's really slow.  His left hind ankle area continues to be "puffy".  The swelling goes down when it is cold hosed and it looked like it had gone down a little after his stroll.

Deacon & Baby took turns squealing and flirting.  The boy seems to like this little girl and Baby...well...she gets along with everybody.

8/1/2017 - Deacon & the Dentist

DEACON 8-1-2017 - Today, Dr. Johnson of Mohave River Equine Veterinary Services will be out to help Deacon. We very much need contributions to cover the costs of today's procedures and funds are needed for Deacon's future surgery. Today's costs will be around 1,000 and surgery costs will be 2,500. I have included pictures that explain about ETORTH, Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (link included for better viewing) and pictures that show the current condition of his teeth. 

Deacon has spent a life time of more mealtimes than meals. He has spent years without proper dental care that could have prevented his current condition from becoming so bad. And yet, he remains kind, willing to please and just needing someone to care. TIER cares, and we know you do too!

We realize this is quite a large amount to ask for, but Deacon deserves no less after so many years of being neglected.

Today, Dr. Johnson, DVM, will do a full oral exam, take x-rays, draw blood for laboratory analysis, remove any sharp points on his molars, etc. We are hoping that he will be able to video everything so we can share it with you. 

Surgery to remove Deacon's front teeth will be scheduled once he is helatheir we have the funds. Dana S. has offered to transport him to Murietta for the surgery. (see images below, Pamphlet from Midwest Veterinary Dental Services found online that does a good job of explaining ETORTH and has Questions/Answers). 

We will be searching for organizations that might be able to provide grants to help Deacon. If you know any, please let us know!

Thank you for being there for Deacon! 

TIER PayPal: 


17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45, Riverside, CA 92504

8/1/2017 - Dental Journey-Phase I

8/1/2017 Deacon's Dental far (This is gonna be LONG!)  

First and foremost TIER thanks Dr. Jacob Johnson and his lovely wife Crystal for helping Deacon today.  We had to wait an hour for the rain to stop so we could move Deacon to an area where we could do x-rays.  We also wish to thank Dana S. for taking some of the pictures, bringing goodies, getting soaked in the rain, and her ongoing moral support for Gail. Last but NO LONGER LEAST, we thank Deacon for being such a gentleman throughout this first phase of his dental journey to good health and being pain free.  Love Ya Deacon! 

Deacon's Treatment record and the Invoice (1240.00) are included below. 

We kinda think Deacon is a Warmblood or he could be a Thoroughbred.  Dr. Johnson and the rest of us are leaning toward Warmblood.  Probably LATE 20's or even 30.  Ulcer test done - No Ulcers..Woo Hoo!  He does have 3/5 Heart Murmur.  He is underweight.  Severe EOTRH (Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis).  Fractured upper right molar w/infection (removed).  Swelling on left hind from ankle to just below hock is thought to be soft tissue injury.  He is not lame on this leg.  Cold hose, light exercise and wrap.  Blood was drawn to check for anything else going on and results should be back next week.  He will be getting antibiotics twice a day for 7 days and Firocoxib 57mg, (Previcox) for 7 days then 2-3 times a week until he has gained weight and we can afford to have his surgery done.

Dr. Johnson did a video which will be available at a later date.  The video is to show/explain what is going on with Deacon's teeth and why the removal of his front teeth will be necessary for him to live pain free for the first time in a LONG time and become the best he can be.  It is meant to be educational since EOTRH treatment has not been around that long.  EOTRH is found more often in Geldings although mares can get it also. 

Dr. Johnson took x-rays and put copies on a CD for TIER.  I can't figure out how to download them so I can share them yet.  Those front teeth (upper/lower) are a hot mess and have been that way for a very long time.

His teeth were floated and the fronts were evened up a bit.  The fractured/infected molar was removed.  The removal of this tooth will help him to be better able to chew/process his food.  Something he hasn't been able to do without pain for some time.


Along with the medications, Deacon is getting 4 flakes of alfalfa a day.  He also gets a hefty portion of alfalfa pellets (Mountain Sunrise brand because they are small like rabbit pellets and easier for him to chew) and Purina Equine Senior pellets.  When the pelleted feed is soaked, it breaks down & mooshes into the bottom of the feeder.  It is difficult for him to push his front teeth down into the mush to eat, so we have not  been soaking them.  He cleans it all up. 

This boy required quite a a large amount of sedatives and pain meds over the course of Dr. Johnson's treatment.  Because we had to wait an hour for the rain to stop so we could go to an area to do x-rays, etc. the medications wore off and he needed more.  Deacon was never unruly, rude, mean or a brat.  The medications were only used for his comfort during the procedures. 

Deacon is one of those horses that grabs you deep down inside.  Deacon would be but a brief memory, a picture on the internet for a few days,  maybe a "did you see that skinny, old horse with the horrible teeth?" type comments if not for YOU!  We are so fortunate to have him at TIER.  Were it not for our wonderful donors, supporters, and volunteers, we would not be able to help him or others.  THANK YOU! 

7/30/2017 - First Week Update

Deacon has been at TIER for a week!  He is doing well.  He has had a bath and gets a rinse off every now and then because he sweats quite a bit.  It has been humid and hot this past week.  We are playing phone tag with the dentist and will hopefully soon be able to schedule the major dental care that Deacon needs.

BIG THANK YOU to Deacon's friends who have donated to his care.  Joyce B. brought over 2 bags of Purina Equine Senior for him and Diana P. also brought over 2 bags for Deacon, Lovely, Mariha, Zeke, Glory, Moses, Garrett, Melvin & Rocket.

Diane B. and her husband brought apples from their orchard which included a big bowl of apples that she had cut into small pieces for Deacon and TIER's other Oldsters. 

7/25/2017 - Vet Report - WOOT! WOOT!

Ya know how some horses just REALLY move you deep inside?  Some a bit more than others?  This guy does that.  He is such a Gift!  He just doesn't seem to be a "Moose", so we are officially changing his name to..........DEACON.

Dr. Gibbs, DVM just left.  (see report below. Last 2 items were not related to Deacon-Formerly Moose).  Dr. Gibbs figures he is in his late 20's as there is still some groove visible on his teeth.  Hardly ANY sand, which is a surprise to me.  Swelling on ankle/hock is something recent.  No lameness.  We will just cold hose and see what develops as he gains weight.  He has a few bite marks (not many and not bad) so he may have tweaked his ankle/leg scuffling around with other horses.  Eyes are clear, no cataracts, etc.

Temp, HR, RR, Lungs, GI, etc., etc. NORMAL and he has an alert attitude.

Teeth, he has some sharp points that need to be addressed along with the EOTRH.  He is cleaning up all his hay, pellets, Equine Senior & Rice Bran.  We will wait
to have the points taken off until we can get an appoint with Dr. Johnson (Dentist/DVM) particularly because of the EOTRH.

All he realy needs is a bath, food, dental, hooves cared for.  Normal care (other than the resorption issue of his front teeth).  And......Hugs.  He is a hugger.

7/23/2017 - He's Here!

Thank you to Dana for bringing this boy home. It was a hot/muggy ride but all went well. This guy is just the sweetest! His left hind ankle is a bit swollen and he was tired. Not too tired to eat and drink though! Yay! Our vet will be out tomorrow just to do an evaluation of his condition, etc. Waiting for the dentist to get back to us for scheduling. 

This morning he was settled and calmly waiting for his breakfast. We soaked alfalfa pellets with Purina Equine Senior for him and he loved it. Likes the hay too!

7/19/2017 - Needing a little help from my friends

(The picture above was taken at HiCaliber upon Moose's arrival there.) 

Moose Needs A Little Help From His Friends!

Hi Caliber has had his head wound treated, his sheath has been cleaned which resulted in a horse bean (firm lump of smegma that has collected and hardened inside the horse's penis) the size of Texas being removed and has seen the farrier. 


(Head wound after treatment)    (Bean/Smegma)

His hooves were very overgrown on the #2 shoes he had on. Their farrier informed me that he replaced those with #4 shoes and since he has absolutely No Heel, wedge pads for support were added. The farrier does not think Moose will ever be able to go barefoot. He did say that this is a sweetheart of a horse!

We have a call in to Dr. Jacob Johnson, Mohave River Equine Veterinary Service, Advanced Equine Dental to schedule his much needed dental care. Dr. Johnson is the guy who helped Glory with her dental issues, worked on Iris, Maisie, Zeke, Moses, etc. with wonderful results. Due to the condition of Moose's teeth (most likely EOTRH Syndrome- Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis) it is expected the costs will be 400 or more if there are multiple extractions. Glory & Zeke's dental costs were 830.00!!

We also have a call in to our Vet to do an evaluation, etc.

Other than dental care, his most immediate need is FOOD! He will be getting Purina Equine Sr. & soaked alfalfa pellets along with alfalfa hay. We will also be adding psyllium and after a few days we will add Rice Bran. We do have quite a few oldsters here and the Pelleted Feed/Equine Senior costs are high.

Moose is in need of help from his friends. He has had a rough go of it and deserves a chance to get better and be his best! TIER and Moose are grateful for contributions to help cover the above costs.

Welcome Home Moose!



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