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Fleabitten Gray Arabian Mare. Foaled 6/23/83. Close to 15 hands. Star, Strip Snip. This mare is quite nice. Experienced rider.

Heather saw the picture of RR Galans Delite and was reminded of her first horse. She spoke to her husband about the possiblity of Dulce (the mare's nickname) coming home with them. Dulce was a bit nervous when she was first loaded into the trailer that was taking her to her new home with Heather and Michael, but she settled in nicely once the trailer began moving. She is now safe and getting the care and attention she has been without for so long. Thank you Heather and Michael! Can't wait to hear the updates!



Just wanted to let you know that Dulce is doing GREAT! I was riding her in her first team sorting series last month. Unfortunatly I left on vacation before it was over. They still he me placed in the Advanced catagory even though I was on a different and new horse. Even so, before I left we were about four weeks into the series and Dulce and I were in FIRST PLACE! We were ahead of the guy who owns the place and has taught me how to work cattle. His comment, "She's beating me on the old gray mare!?" A friend of mine ending up winning and told my parents that the buckle actually belonged to me and Dulce. The only reason he won was because I wasn't there.

So, as you can see, she has come a long way and is still progressing. She is really enjoying working the cattle and is doing better turns everytime I ride her. Our next project is to teach her how to pull a cart. I already have the harness, now I just need the cart!


Just thought you might want to know the latest. Dulcee is still learning to walk in a straight line when I want her to. She is too interested in sight-seeing to concentrate on where she is going. I rode her yesterday in sorting for the first time. She has pushed the cows before, but not to sort them. We got two times out of six runs. 1 m. 14 sec. and 1 m. 13 sec. Pretty good for the first time! She goes into the herd just fine, it is just her directions we need to work on. She also needs to get used to my yell as I work cattle. There was one cow that started to cross the line, I moved her toward it as I let out a yell to stop it. She sure put on a burst of speed when she heard me! We stopped the cow though and that's all that mattered. It feels so strange starting a new horse that doesn't know anything after riding my other mare (Dulcee's half sister) who does almost everything on her own. Dulcee doesn't turn fast, or move fast, but we will get there.

My dad has fallen in love with her. Whether she wants it or not, she is GOING to get a hug and WILL stand there and enjoy it, or else! He told me the other day that Dulcee told him that she wasn't going to let anyone ride her but him. He always gives her one more carrot than the other horses and sticks up for her over them. I'm surprised, since my dad is not into horses at all. Maybe this will change that though.....

I am going to have the vet out to look at her. It seems that she either may have a little bit of arthritis, or as my mom said, need some chiropractic work. Maybe even both. My other mare is on Grand Flex and I may put Dulcee on that too. She needs to get into shape after so many years of just standing, so we are starting out slowly. She did remarkably well for not even knowing what she was supposed to be doing out there. "Straight? Turn right? Stop? Turn left? Run? What is this mom? What are you doing to me?!?!?!" I'll let you know more after the vet comes out and as more things happen.

Thank you so much for helping me to find this wonderful girl and to get her.



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