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#115 Cremello mare. Blue eyes. Appx. 10-12 yrs. Appx. 15-15.1 hands. This mare may have been in cold country at one time as the tips of her ears are gone (possibly due to cold weather?). She is a really nice mare and her coloring is quite attractive. (First Cremello I have seen at the feedlots. I am impressed!). She rides quite well and would require and Advanced Intermediate rider.

This Cremello mare has a new home and a new name! Debbie, her new mom, has decided to call this lovely mare Dynasty. Dyna for short!! Don't you love that???? She will be leaving the feedlot in the company of Sweetie who was recently rescued by Rick. The girls are going to the same state and their new owners teamed up on the transport end! Thanks so much Debbie for reaching out to help this teddybear of a mare! She is really sweet and I hope you two enjoy each other for many years to come.


3/11/2018 - Dyna Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

I cannot believe that we had to say “good-bye” to our beautiful 32 year old QH, Dynasty.

Dynasty was my very first horse. We brought her home from a CA feedlot (where she was destined for slaughter) with the help from Gail from TIER in 2000. For 18 years, she taught us about what a sweet soul and happy girl she was throughout her life with us. We owe her as she showed us how rewarding rescue horses can be.

Thank you my “Dyna girl” for all that you taught us and the wonderful memories. Til we meet again. RIP at the Rainbow Bridge with the others who have gone on before you! -Deb

TIER-Debbie, I have no words to adequately thank you for being there for Dyna all these years.  I am deeply sorry for your loss, but we rejoice in the life and love you gave to this sweet, sweet girl!

1/22/2012 - New Pic

Hi Gail,
Just a quick picture of our Dynasty! I can't believe that she has been with
us for 12 years now! As you can see, she is not missing out on her hay. Gator is her
buddy, but when Dan is riding him, she just pretends she is busy, so she does not have
to go with him!
Take care.
Debbie and all of the "kids"

Rearview pic from June 2011. Dynasty (the petite one) and Gator.


I am not sure how much Dynasty enjoyed letting Chester be the leader, but they both did good for the first time together with me!


Hi Gail,
I thought that you might want to see a picture of our very special Dyna girl. She is just a love and thinks that she should have all of the attention. Here she is with me after she had just had a bath. Thank you for finding this wonderful girl and helping to bring her into our lives. She was our first horse and has blazed the path for all of the others to follow.
Please take care.
Love from Dan and Debbie & all of the "kids" in AZ


Hey Auntie Gail,
Boy, it has been a long time since I have written to you. I can't believe that my fate would have been so different if it weren't for you. I have been home now for almost 10 years!!! I wanted to let you know that I am still doing great and have a lot to offer! Did you know that I am so special that I have admirers? There are friends that come over just to see me and feed me carrots. They love me and I love to be admired. Of course, I let them share some of my carrots with the others, but I know that they really come here, just for me!
Thank you for helping me find my forever home with all of the love and comforts that every "kid" should have.
Ooppss, gotta run as I hear Mom coming!
Love, Dynasty


Hey Auntie Gail!!!!!!
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say "THANK YOU" for giving me a second chance at life

My life is complete and I know that I am loved and cherished here in my forever home.

Love to everyone!


Dynasty is still mending from her lameness in front! She is such a love and is the sweetest horse to have around! The vet, farrier, and chiropractor/kinesiology have all been working together to help her to mend! It has just been a very slow process. We are due to re-x-ray her in the next month to see how far (internally) that she has come! You were right about this girl, she is the best!


Dynasty LOVES to work the crowd!!!!!!! I think she was a little camera shy though!!!


This was an interesting and educational situation. Had a bout where Dynasty's white line disease got ahead of us, but, she now has a new disease-free, enamel/plastic hoof to live on until her new, healthy hoof can completely grow back out. Her foot is very healthy with her supplements and finally growing well! She is seeing a chiropractor for her soreness in front and we are setting up a plan for her full recovery! It's amazing what the body can do!!!!!


I am sorry that it has been such a long time since I have sent you an update on our "first" beautiful girl!
As you can see from the pictures, Dynasty is doing wonderful!

If it had not been for this board and the "Horses In Need" section, as well as Gail's intense interviewing and support, we would not have been able to share our hearts and love with this wonderful horse. She has shown and taught us about forgiving, about sharing, about caring, about unconditional love, about happiness, about "kicking back", about relaxing and enjoying each day as it comes!

We are currently working on her on again, off again lameness problem. The farrier and the vet are very optimistic about our new shoeing plan. She does not grow hoof very well or quickly, however, she has responded wonderfully on the new supplement that we introduced to her about 3 months ago.

And this has improved our "good" days for riding! She is the best bareback mount that you would ever find! Her level-headedness and easy going personality makes her a horse who is willing to do anything. She especially likes to take little kids for rides! This just seems to brighten her eyes!

Thank you again Gail for all that you do!
When things seem to be at their worst, I can look into my critters' eyes and realize that for however bad that I feel things are.......they really aren't and I will get through them, one way or another!


Well, Dyna has a some Navicular changes..........that is only part of the problem. It seems as if she has foundered (in the past) in her right front only. The coffin bone is significantly rotated, much of a surprise to the Vet as there are no outwards signs of this! Hopefully with our current farrier program and this more current/accurate information, we can make some adjustments to get her back up to a light riding horse!


Dynasty has turned out to be a great bare-back riding horse as well! She has a nice flat back and is quite content to do anything that you ask! My husband is just having a blast with Dyna.......he is not interested in riding her at this time, he just loves her to come up and hug with that great big head of hers!

Big puppy dogs is what we have out in our pasture! The greeting committee consists of the 2 Nubian goats and the 2 horse girls that have to be sure that you have attention for them, too! The 3 chickens stay underfoot and never too far away! All of them follow you around the pasture.....just to be sure that they are with you! Yep, it is quite a sight!

dyna1.jpg (16750 bytes)dyna2.jpg (11437 bytes)luna.jpg (18968 bytes)

Luna (far right) is also a rescue through TIER.

Jesse, Dynasty & Luna - all feedlot rescues!


Well, Dynasty is now a very happy camper! New feet, vetted, and now new stalls and a new friend! Life is GREAT! She is definitely an easy keeper........and a BIG teddy-bear! She loves attention and has never met a stranger! 

Luna arrived in from Kristi on Thursday night....after a long 5 day trip to get here! I think she dropped about 100 pounds on this trip! It was a very interesting experience....she got here in the middle of the the dark...and had to get to the back and a stall in very little light! Needless to say she was quite freaked.....not aggressive or meaning to be dangerous......just spooked.

We had the workers out all day on Friday to finish the mare motel.....IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! But, this did not help Luna.....we had to have the Vet out to tranquilize her so that she could adjust while the construction was going on directly next to her stall.

However, even through all of this......Dynasty was a gem! She was tied during the day next to the stall that Luna was in and helped to calm her! When they were moved into their own new stalls that night, Dyna had to follow to be sure that Luna was okay! When Dyna took a walk during the construction.......Luna would call for her and Dyna went right back to her!

Dynasty has been a God-send and definitely is a caring and compassionate horse to boot! I just can't imagine what circumstances would have come about for her to end up in a feedlot! She had a great beginning in life.........AND she will live out a great rest of her life.....we will just try to forget about that middle part!

Now, we just have to teach her to neck rein! We have been out on several rides and have met some other horse people.....

she is good out, but is definitely a follower! We need to get her back into shape however. After a half an hour walk in the trails, she is totally sweated up! Not hot, just sweaty.


Well, I am dying to take a day off to spend with this sweet girl! Dyna is probably the best choice that we could have made for our situation! She is very attentive to people and is very easy going. She gives lots of hugs and just thrives on the human contact! We had a long grooming session with a SHed-N-Blade yesterday.....she was just in seventh heaven with the attention! Her coat is very soft and pretty. We will be bathing her this weekend. I want her to be a little more settled in and have the whole day to dry thoroughly. The farrier is coming out on Saturday and we will be able to assess her foot condition. I can find the frog in 2 feet and they are quite soft and smelly. I don't want to work her until her feet are feeling better. She lays down at night and just beds in until morning. I do not know if her feet are contributing to this or she just has always done this! The vet will be out to give her a "check up" next week! Today she followed me around the pasture while I did some chores. And got to meet "Lady" next door, through the fence while she was loose for a couple of hours! They must both be very lonesome because when I went to put Dyna back in her stall, they were both calling out for one another!

Hopefully, they will realize that they will be next door and be able to see each other again! Tomorrow, I am going to introduce a dog to her.........of course she will be in the security of her stall and the dog will be on a leash outside of the stall. I think that she will do fine.......she has no problems with the goats or chickens! The dogs have been very good (no barking or over-excited) with her being right behind the fence in their back field!



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