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The weekend of October 18, 2013, Carol Darnell passed away in her sleep. Carol was a supporter, dear friend and a member of TIER's BOD.

Many people came together and networked to help place her dogs, cats, horses. It took a Village and I am amazed at what they all came together to do and got done so quickly.


6/10/2018 - Redheaded Stranger on the loose!

(Deacon & Jake)

Jake (El Jahklan), our dear friend Carol Darnell's lovely chestnut Arabian, spiced things up when he went on a meet and greet at TIER.

He was very social with all the TIER residents and they all seemed to like him.

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of him when he broke into a lovely trot with his tail flagged high over his back.  He was having quite a bit of fun today.

3/5/2018 - Tooth Fairy Came by...I'm Good!

Dr. Jacob Johnson, DVM of Mohave River Equine who specializes in equine dentistry visited Jake today.  As expected, Jake was a very good boy and on the plus side...he only needed a dental tune up!

In this pic, Jakes front teeth are shaped like a smile.  Dr. Johnson took care of a back molar that was in need of grinding down a bit because it was rubbing the inside of Jake's mouth.  In fact, there was a callous on the inside of his cheek.  His coat is pretty rough and Dr. Johnson suggested worming him...which we will do along with worming Toni.  We wanted the two boys to settle in a bit, get used to new hay, new water, new surroundings before we gave them any worming medication.

Jake is a lightweight when it comes to sedation.  He got pretty drunk right away and stayed pretty drunk for awhile.

2/22/2018 - Yup, I'm Really Here!

Carol's Boys, Jake & Toni, arrived at TIER 2/18/2018.  Of course, Gail had misplaced her camera and did not find it until after they had arrived.

Thank you to Cindy B. for fostering the boys for a month & a half while we put up the new corral, found a nicely priced shelter and then had it put up by the wonderful David Y and his son-in-law and arranged transport with the always giving Dana S. Thank you ALL!

Jake & Toni loaded in the trailer like they did it every day of the week, traveled very well and then unloaded like they did it every day of the week. They walked into their separate pens, met the neighbors and proceeded to eat. No bluster, no freaking out, no nervousness. I was pleasantly surprised at how calm the boys were and are.

Jake has gained weight, but still needs to put on some more pounds. He has had his feet done and is schedued to see the dentist on March 5th, 2018.

1/9/2018 - Come to California They Said..

Come to California They Said.  You Will Make New Friends They Said.

Jake (El Jahklan) and Toni (ToniTheTiger) arrived in California the weekend of January 6, 2018. The trip from Alabama was over 2,000 miles. 

The boys arrived in good spirits, drank lots of water and commenced touring their temporary quarters. 

Thanks to our friend Cindy B. for agreeing to house the boys until TIER is able to purchase a shelter for their new corral.  WE tapped our reserves & Funds were raised to go toward transport, but we do not currently have enough funds for a shelter/delivery & install.  We are working on it.

We knew there was some rain coming, and did not want the boys to be stuck out in the open after such a long trip.  Fortunately, Cindy B. did not hesitate when asked if these boys could stay awhile.  They have plenty of room to move about, a large 2 sided shelter to get under, Cindy's horses to converse with and some wooly new friends.

Until we get a shelter and have it installed, the boys will stay where they are, be transitioned over to alfalfa hay (they were previously eating a grass hay, pelleted feed and senior), and will be supplemented with senior feed.  Cindy will keep a watchful eye on the boys as they experience a new climate, different feed and different water.

1/3/2018 - California Bound!

Two of Carol's remaining horses Arabian geldings, Tonithetiger (TONI-almost 20 yrs. old) & El Jahklan (Jake - almost 18 yrs. old) are no longer able to stay with their adopter (life changes) and will be coming to California to live out their lives. 

(Picture of Jake:  December 2017)

1/12/2014 - Test Drive

From Bonnie: Test driving the Jake - mobile! steering needs some power fluid but drives pretty well for not getting out much over the last few years!



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