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Appx. 15 yr. old Bay Arab Gelding rescued from feedlot on Easter Sunday. Easter had the worst case of strangles we have seen and almost died twice! He is doing lots better. He is off the IV antibiotics and is being walked a little ways each day. His coat is coming in nice and shiney. He still has several 100 lbs. to gain, but he is gaining! The vet does say that Easter seems to have a large heart murmur. Sigh. There is also an old injury to the knee that we weren't aware of due to the swelling of his legs. The knee doesn't seem to bother him. The swelling in his legs has gone down and he is eating like a horse! HA! He is just the kindest gentleman! When he has put on some more weight, we intend to have another vet check his heart. Just a second opinion. Rescued 4/4/99


6/30/1999 - Finally! New pictures of Easter.

Because of caring, compassionate folks who read my posting about the Arabian Gelding at a feedlot in Southern California that was close to dying without help, everyone who views these pictures can see with their own eyes what teamwork has greatly helped to accomplish. It is my hope that people understand that without their help, this horse would be but a memory. A sorrowful memory of a wonderful horse that died horribly and needlessly.

Easter is quite anxious to get out and roam around, but he is only allowed to go for short walks. He thinks he can cruise all over, but, because of his long and almost deadly illness, he is still weak. The wonderful thing is that Easter IS anxious to get out and move around!!!!

Take a look at the pictures of when Easter was at death's door, and then really look at the new pictures. Is it the same horse??? HA! It always amazes me what love, food, proper veterinary care and prayers can do in such a short time! These pictures were taken 6/29/99. A little over two months after he was pulled from the feedlot on Easter Sunday.

I can't do this alone, but WE CAN do it together. Thank you to everyone for their donations, support, sharing their experience, strength and hope. Without you, horses like Easter would not have a chance!




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