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Ebony Faith
#131 Black QH type mare. Appx. 14.2-3 hands. Appx. 10-15 yrs. Was ridden at the summer camps. Sound, but a "little sticky in the behind". Good horse for an intermediate rider or advanced beginner.

Ebony Faith (Her new name!) left today to go to her new family! Her new Dad, Jere, initially contacted me about Ebony because his daughter, Genevieve, had e-mailed me about this lovely mare. I explained to Genevieve that I would have to speak to her parents since she is a minor (14 yrs. old). Genevieve's father immediately e-mailed me and then we began the phone discussions. Jere, my hat is off to you for helping Genevieve with her dream!



We've got updates on Ebony! She's so beautiful! It's unbelievable!! Now, we're figuring out that she's gotta be part Arab. She's got a dished out face, long legs, short head, arches her neck beautifully, great stamina,  holds her tail away from her body when she moves, high spirits! Yet she is  still very QH-ish and muscular. So, now we call her a quarab. She's also not black anymore. She turned bay!

We bought some english tack and I'm teaching her to jump, dressage and I still exercise her every day (except these last few days because the temperature has been in the triple-digits up here in Fresno!). Her hindquarters are getting much better and she can jump three feet now! She's not doing very well at dressage because her hind legs just aren't as flexible as they should be and she's not too good at the extended gaits, but we're working on it. Yet, she flexes her neck easily and is always on the bit (I also taught her that myself).

Here's a new picture! Thank you so much, again! We love Ebony so much! We couldn't have gotten a better horse!

Thank you so much!


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