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#296 Lightly Fleabitten Gray Arabian Mare. Appx. 14.3 - 15 hands. Information is that this absolutely lovely mare does ride, but she is not a beginner's horse as she is quite energetic. She is polite and attentive, but somewhat anxious. She is sound and she is beautiful! Why is she at a lot? She has some unsightly melanomas under her tail/on her "private parts". Registration Papers will go to new owner.

Foaled: 4/23/1985

. . . Elaborat - 1964
Elika MSA
. . . Airamiss - 1969


5/14/2015 - Farewell Elika: 4-23-1985 to 5/14/2015

Will Rogers said If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.

I agree, although I would have to add horses to the quote as well as dogs. Today I sent Elika to the rainbow bridge. I wanted her to go on a good day and I felt certain we were running low on those. She didn't tell me she was ready, I had to make that call the best I could. Her melanoma was beginning to get the best of her. She never went off her feed but she was suddenly dropping weight. A few days ago she began to look like going to the bathroom was becoming painful. So my ethereal unicorn has become whole again and my heart is hoping Will Rogers has found the heaven I also want to go to. I' like to sit and chat with him there, dogs at our feet and watching the horses run and play. I'll remember to thank him.

Hi Gail,

I hope you are well. Kiwi and Daisy (Blaze Starr) are fine. This one was hard, she didn't tell me she was ready. So sweet, nuzzling the vet... damn.  She turned 30 last month.

4/18/2013 - Elika Update!

These pictures were taken today, 4/18/13. 

Elika (Lulu) has been a joy in my life and it's way too long since an update. With all the bad things going on in this country recently I decided to write updates on all my TIER horses to add something nice to the day. I honestly don't think Elika will be here this time next year as her melanomas are making her more uncomfortable of late but not unbearable by any means. 

She is still "low man" in the herd but she doesn't care. She is so happy to BE in a herd, living the good life, not any worries at all. I stopped riding her a couple of years ago. We never did anything but go out on trail and I have been her sole rider since she's been with me. I want everyone to know how much she loved it. Presently she is turned out with her fellow TIER pasture mates Blaze Starr (Daisy) and Kiwi (Princess Kiki). Elika is literally up to her eyeballs in a lovely pasture mix of oat, wheat, barley & rye.  KO


I cant believe this horse was unwanted. Like Daisy (Blaze Star) she has turned into a puppy dog, pocket pony, tent horse, etc. Her melanomas haven't gone away, but are much improved and thank goodness aren't worse on the Cimetidine. Her feet are looking GREAT after several months barefootin' and her man-made club is all but gone (will be gone by the next farrier visit).
She is sporting shoes now because she has hit the trail and is doing very well! This picture was taken last week......Elika's 4th or 5th time out on trail. She looks mahhhhvalous, I'm kinda camera shy so added some goggles. All I can say is lucky me!


Lovely Elika has found a home! She will be with her new Mom within the week! Yeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAW!!




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