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#212 Bay TB or Standardbred type mare. Appx. 14.3 hands. Star. Appx. 6 years old. This is a very cute mare who looks like a much younger horse. She is thin. Very curious mare with a long flowing tail. She came right up to me. She rides good, but does not know a lot. Would require a patient, experienced rider willing to teach her and love her. from the feedlot to TIER where she will be up for adoption shortly. She will be seen by a vet, farrier, wormed and vaccinated. She will also be evaluated as to her ridability and previous training. This wonderful savior of Ella is also sponsoring her! Thank you so much A!!!



I have definitely fallen in love with this girl. We seem to speak the same language. We just have to work on coordinating our dialects. She is bonding with me! My heart melts every time she asks to be scratched. and it melts when she wants to be comforted. She asks these things in such a delicate and shy way, that if you aren't attuned to her you would miss it. She is so lovely, in body, in spirit, and in intelligence. At the end of each visit, I have to pull myself away. I could spend years just stroking my hand along her silky neck. See, even more gushy stuff. :)

I have attached a photo. I took it at night so it is a little dark, but it shows how beautiful she is physically. I am hoping that I will be able to illustrate her beauty of spirit in a photo one day. This photo was taken on Christmas day. So, this is fairly early in our relationship. Now, she seems to be more relaxed.


Ella and Jann are a team! Jann fell in love with Ella's sensitive nature and her willingness! Ella needed her very own person to dote on her, understand her sensitivity and someone who would be patient. She had found that and much more with her new mom Jann. Congratulations to you both!


I discovered today & yesterday that she doesn't like apples, at least the red ones. She took one bite out of the apple I offered to her tonight. Then she wouldn't even look at it afterward. I should have brought her a carrot instead.

We took some photos of Ella and I on the day that I rode her. I have attached two of them. They are cute. Ella is a very photogenic horse.


Ella, a beautiful Standardbred mare that had been adopted was returned to TIER as her adoptor felt "She deserves more love and attention than I can give her. I felt very sad....she is so sweet and really trusted me and I felt like I betrayed her."

No, the adoptor did not betray Ella. The adoptor was honest with herself and honest with Ella.

Ella is currently being fostered at Rancho Del Rio Stables (Anaheim Equestrian Center) where she is getting lots of attention, hugs and treats. Ella is such a sweet girl.


Ella came home with me 2 months ago and has settled in very well. She LOVES her new gelding friend Max. I'm not sure the feeling is mutual. She nickers to me each time she sees me....could it be she thinks I'm coming with hay or a special treat, and it's not ME she's excited to see? She has stopped walking away from me when I go in her corral with a halter. I think she's actually starting to enjoy the attention. I've been spending a lot of time with her in the round pen and arena and she is so willing and eager to learn. Due to "whatever" background she came from I've been taking it very slow with her and it's so exciting when she shows such positive progress. I will be sending pictures soon.


Annie went to her new home with adopter Chris today! We are excited for Annie & Chris and look forward to updates and stories.

Annie didn't go to her new home alone! TIER will not adopt out a horse to a home that does not have another horse, or to at least be able to touch noses over a fence with another horse. Horses are herd animals and should not be isolated from one another. Therefore, Chris is also fostering Ella! Ella is a sensitive young lady and shy. She will benefit from having her own foster mom lavish attention on her and we are quite happy for both Chris and Ella. Ella is available for adoption/sponsorship.



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