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A TIER supporter who helps horses in Kill Pens in Texas offered to pay to pay transport costs from the feedlot to Quarantine & Quarantine costs for this mare if TIER could take her in. Donors came forward to help with purchase price, vet costs and transportation to California.
Buckskin Mare 2-27-2019
Color: dun
Sex: mare
Height: 15.3HH
Age: 19yrs
Price: $ 880 30.80 processing 910.80
Slaughter Ship date: 3-5-19



Our farrier was out yesterday and said that the Texas farrier did a mighty fine job on Lucille's shoes.  They do get packed up though because she stands in the wet spots and we will need to be diligent about picking out her hooves.  He did 10 horses here yesterday and did the ones in more need of work than the girls. He will be back out on Saturday and will see if he thinks the girls need trimming/clean up as he felt they were good for now.

4/2/2019 - EmmyLou has arrived at TIER!

Woot!  Woot!  Lucille & EmmyLou have arrived!

Lucille and EmmyLou arrived safely last night around 8:30 PM.  It was dark, so we weren't able to get pictures at that time.

The girls went right to their hay when they arrived last evening.  They are eating and drinking well.  I guess they met all their neighbors last night and everyone seems to be getting along well.  This morning, EmmyLou had her head over the rail talking to Baby and they were snuffling each other for a bit.

Jackie, The Oatman Burro,  has given her stamp of approval, so I guess all is well.  We are so glad that they are finally HOME!  I told them both that they weren't going to have worry about long trailer rides for a very long time!

3/30/2019 - Texas Twosome on their way!!

EmmyLou & Lucille are on their way to TIER.  The girls should arrive on Tuesday, 4/2/2019.  

Looking forward to finally meeting the girls in person!!  We will schedule Equine Dentist Jacob Johnson as soon as possible for EmmyLou and have him double check Lucille.  

3/13/2019 - 3-12-2019 EmmyLou Vet Visit Update

Both girls (EmmyLou & Lucille)were seen by the vet today.  Unfortunately, the Lameness Expert had a family emergency and was not there.  

EMMYLOU:  Well……..Emmylou had her teeth floated today.  In the mornings, she has a bit of a runny nose out of one nostril which could be related to her teeth.  She will start on Uniprim again just to make sure we are ahead of any infection.  Today was just a basic float to get the sharp edges down so she can process her food better.  Vet did not note any major issues with her teeth, but did note that……SURPRISE AGAIN….she is approximately 20 years old!!!  Wow!  Coggins said 9 and the sale ad said 19.  She looks so good we were excited that she might be 9 yrs. old….but it ain’t so!  

The left front knee that was soft/fluid filled is reducing.  Vet noted the progress from her 3/5/2019 visit to today, said it appears to be resolving and that he didn’t feel x-rays were necessary.  Woot!  Woot!  

She still has the strange gait in the hind end.  He did not see any issues with her legs and hoof testers were negative.  He said she looks like she is dancing the hula as she walks away.  Very well could be an issue with her back and if so, he thinks it may be up high and that she has had it for awhile.  It does not seem to be causing her any pain, and he feels she would be okay to transport.  

All in all, the girls are doing better.  Because we waited for Lucille to become a bit sounder and more comfortable in order to make the trip to TIER, we missed the window for transport.  We will be checking out other transporters once we know if Lucille continues to progress this coming week.

Thank you all for your support in helping these girls.  BIG thank you to Kathy who is doing the hard work right now.  It feels odd because we are used to doing this ourselves at TIER.  It sure is different.

3/8/2019 - Update

(3/7/2019 EmmyLou)

Kathy (QT Manager) had scheduled the appointment for 3/5/2019, but the vet office had her appointment listed as 3/12/2019.  They did work her in, but were not able to do a full evaluation on EmmyLou that day.  Kathy will take them both back to the vet this coming Tuesday, 3/12/2019.

Since time was short due to the appointment mixup, EmmyLou only had a brief exam.  Her teeth do need to be floated and that will be done this coming Tuesday.  Our major concern was that she had an odd way of moving, especially in the hind end. Vet thinks there may be multiple issues. Her left leg appears to swing out a bit and then come up under her.  Not a huge movement, but noticeable.  Vet is brining in a lameness specialist on Tuesday and we will hopefully know a bit more by then.  There are so many things it could be that it is hard to pinpoint without a full examination.  To me, it appears that her tail is offset and her left hip drops.  Could be something that a chiropractor can help? There is also the issue of the soft swelling on her front leg.  We really won’t have an idea until the assessment by the lameness expert.

Both girls will see the lameness expert on Tuesday.  We hope to have x-rays done, etc.  We have opted to have this and EmmyLou’s teeth done while they are at Kathy’s because costs are less than in our area and Kathy is an excellent caretaker.  I do not know of very many Quarantine facilities that would go to the lengths she has for these horses.  Kathy has made sure their feed is correct for their situation, dispensed antibiotics and Bute, hauled them to and from the vet, administered eye ointment, scheduled her farrier, introduced the mares to each other after their runny noses cleared up, put therapeutic boots on/off and today, she put the mares together so they could bond further.  Looks like Lucille is the Alpha and big gal EmmyLou just wants to get along with everybody!  HA!  Thank you Kathy Lakes (and Charles)!!!

3/8/2019 EmmyLou, Luciille and their Aussie friend)

Thank you to those who have helped these girls from the beginning.  We are so grateful for your support, kindness and caring.  We could not help them if it wasn’t for you!  Doing this long distance is a bit different for us, but the girls are getting the same care they would get when they arrive at TIER (for a bit less!).

Please keep your fingers, toes and anything else crossed for the girls on Tuesday.

2/28/2019 - Out of the Kill Pens and Safe at QT

Thankfully, the roads were clear and EmmyLou was able to be picked up today.  She has arrived safely at the Quarantine facility.

She loaded and unloaded well.  She is a big girl and she knows it!!  EmmyLou is tucked into her stall with a run in and happily munching hay.  She traveled well and did not seem to be stressed out.

Kathy, the owner of the facility, went to the vet's office and got some Uniprim (antibiotic) for her snotty nose.  There is no labored breathing, etc. at this time.  A vet appointment is scheduled for Tuesday morning to double check her snotty nose, take a look at her knee (possible x-rays to see if there is a chip or if it is a capped knee, or.....? ) and have her teeth checked.  

Her Coggins paperwork has raised some interesting questions.  Previous owner is listed as being from Iowa.  Vet that did the Coggins is in Missouri.  Date on Coggins is 2/23/2019 and her age is listed as 9 years old, not 19 years old!!!

We will have more details once she is seen by the vet on Tuesday, 3/5/2019.  In the meantime, thanks to our supporters, SHE IS SAFE!

2/27/2019 - I have a name!

We've named her EmmyLou. 

Goal to get her out and transport to CA, plus veterinary care, and Health Certificate later on is:  1900.  

Seems she has a sore knee.  It is soft, so that means we can work with it (I hope).  She also has a snotty nose which will need vet evaluation.  

Her purchase price has been raised & PAID.  We are a little light on raising transport & estimated vet care costs (Call charge, Uniprim antibiotics, Health Cert).  -117.  We do not know what vet expenses will be for her knee injury.

She is due to be picked up tomorrow, 2/28/2019, weather permitting.  We've heard there is ice on the roads right now and temps are in the 30's.  Keep your fingers crossed that transport to QT will be done tomorrow.



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