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Excellent Luck
They're all (Dakota Mahogany, Valentine Secret, & Excellent Luck) in a good place where they're getting lots of love and attention---the gelding and wobbler have bonded with Barbara of Pegasus, and the yearling is developing a bond with her husband (the one who always stands guard over his feed so the others can't get to it.) All we ask of them is that they relax, enjoy life, eat well and heal.



Excellent Luck, the 2 year old wobbler that the Exceller Fund and UPF rescued a few months ago, passed away the other day. He was fine in the morning, but died shortly after lunch. The vet thinks he had a tumour on his spine.

But thanks to you and a bunch of other great people, he was spared the long ride to Bel-Tex, and had five wonderful months of love and care in a facility that catered to his every need. He was very much loved and will be missed.



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17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45
Riverside, CA, 92504
Tel: 951-943-0627
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