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This mare was dumped in a field near TIER on January 8, 2013. Animal Control has been called but in the meantime TIER would like to see if anyone would be interested in taking this mare in. She is obviously underweight but eating well, seems to have a sweet personality and has been easy to handle so far. An absolutely lovely mare that looks to be a Thoroughbred or an Appendix (TB/QH) that is approximately 16 hands tall. We are calling her Glory.

Unfortunetly TIER has no available space to keep her and she is in a temporary paddock.

1/10/2013 - We were hoping GLORY would go to someone quickly since we are at capacity, but TIER is committed to stabilizing her issues first.


6/16/2016 - Feelin & Lookin Good!

Finally, Glory is feeling and looking pretty good.  She has put on some decent weight since her major dental work which included several extractions and a lot of grinding.  Her diet has changed to 3 flakes of hay per day along with soaked pellets, Equine Senior and some 4-way grain.  For a time she was getting Pro-Bios to help support the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

She does need to get more exercise to build up her muscles now that her feet are healthier and not causing her to limp around.  She requires shoes on her front hooves and our farrier trims her so she will break over.  Her hind ankles still tend to swell off and on. 

The diet change, dental and regular farrier care has made a difference for this lovely mare that was dumped in a field in horrible condition.

1/20/2014 - Dr. Don Moore Chiropractic

Poor Glory has had a difficult time keeping weight on.  Due to her previous injuries, she tends to require chiropractic adjustments on her neck, poll, jaw (TMJ) more often than some of the other horses.  (The day after Dr. Moore adjusted her she was bucking and running around!)

Dr. Moore shows VolunTIER Regina W. the area where Glory's neck needs attention.


8/4/2013 - Long Road to Recovery

April 24, 2013 Glory lost a foal.  She had not been gaining weight properly and had an appointment sheduled with the vet.  She was eating well, moving well, interacting with other horses, etc.  Her topline, chest and hind end were just not filling out properly.

She came to us in January starved, barely able to eat due to a misaligned jaw from an untreated neck injury.  She received vet care, farrier care, dental care and chiropractic care.  She had experienced long term lack of feed and was just a shadow of what a TB mare of her size/age should be.

There was NO indication that she was in foal.  4/24/2013 Glory gave birth to a stillborn filly.  The vet arrived shortly after we had helped her with the baby.  Glory had not "bagged up" at any time and the birth of the foal was a complete surprise.  The vet told us that the reason Glory had not been gaining weight as she should was that the foal was taking all the nutrition she was injesting.  When she had been examined by the vet upon her arrival at TIER, it was determined that she had not had any babies in the past.  Poor Glory's first baby was not able to make it due to her long term starvation. 

Glory's recovery has been so very slow.  She is finally beginning to look healthier, gain weight.  She is bright eyed and interested in her surroudings.  She still requires shoes/pads for her terribly neglected feet and her hind ankles swell but the swelling diminshes when she is turned out (often).  Glory is starting to look like a horse instead of a skeleton.  She still has a ways to go and needs to build up muslce.

1/23/2013 - Brief Update

Glory is feeling a LOT better!  HA!  She has gone from the sweetly docile mare to being a TB!  HA!  More energy.  She is currently getting Alfalfa hay, King Feed CarboRaider along with YQ to help her tummy.  Once she gains more weight we will switch her to the Total Balance.

Since her dental & Chiro visit she has perked up.  Still eating like a horse!  It'll take her a bit to even out her appetite both mentally (I NEED FOOD) and physically.

We turned her out today and she is moving well.  The shoes & pads have helped her quite a bit.  The sad thing was that she trotted around the arena (very nice trot!) and was calling quite a bit.  It was obvious she was looking for a particular dark horse as she stopped to sniff noses over the rails of every dark horse here.  Apparently she is missing a dark colored buddy.  She eventually settled and just went back to her pen to eat.

1/16/2013 - Ahhh....Chiropractic Care!

The Awesome Dr. Don Moore came out to help Glory.  Her neck, poll, shoulders were horribly locked up.  Her jaw was out of alignment and she could not chew properly.  Poor girl had a busy day because we also had her teeth done to help her chew her food better so that she gets the most out of her feed.

Ankles, knees, shoulders, stifles, etc. were all given gentle attention by Dr. Don.

Her pelvis was also out and Dr. Don helped with that! 

She has been eating everything we put in front of her.  She is a slow/methodical eater, but finishes everything.  She is drinking well and is much more comfortable on her feet since she got her shoes/pads on 1/10/2013.  Glory has put on a bit of weight, but we expect to see her add more pounds to her thin frame now that she has been adjusted by Dr. Don.

1/11/2013 - More pics from Glory's Arrival

1/10/2013 - THRUSH!

1/10/2012 Glory Update:  We moved horses around so that we could put Glory in a corral of her own out of the cold wind and rain.  We blanketed her and as I led her from the front pasture to her pen I noticed she was hesitant to put weight on her left front foot.

Got her settled in her new digs and began to clean out her left front foot.  I just figured she had a rock or something because she had been moving fine previously. I hadn't done a close inspection of her feet previously.  As I dug out the packed debris it became apparent that she had thrush.  BAD THRUSH!  It was so advanced that it has rotted out See Diagram Below the frog-#3 at the heel, she also had a "semi" blown abcess at the heel bulb-#2.  The collateral groove-#5 is a mess and the central groove-#4 is practically GONE!  It was the area of the central groove that was bleeding. As I cleaned out the black yuck the blood really began to flow.  I stopped what I was doing and called Val Dean Call our farrier and gave her some Bute.

The farrier found another abcess in her sole on the left foot and one getting ready to drain on her right front foot.  At some point she had been wearing shoes, but they had worn off because all of the nails were still there!  Back feet weren't as bad as the fronts, but they also have bad Thrush.

She is now sporting Shoes & Pads on her front feet.  We also noticed that there is something going on with her neck.  Chiropractor, Dr. Don Moore, will be here Wednesday.

Val Dean (farrier) checked her teeth and of course they are a mess. We will have her teeth done Wednesday after Dr. Don has adjusted her as it looks like she might have TMJ due to whatever happened with her neck.  She takes small bites and eats slowly, but cleans up everything I put in front of her.  She is HUNGRY!

I was hoping she would go to someone quickly but TIER is committed to trying to stabilize her issues first.

1/8/2013 - Glory



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