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Gabe (Gabriel)
#174. Gray Arabian Gelding. Appx. 15. Yrs.. appx. 14.2 hands. This lovely gentleman rides very well. He is quite friendly and trusting. He would require an intermediate rider. new name is Gabriel! (Since we already have a Gabriel listed on our Success Stories page, we will refer to him as Gabe.). Rebie is very excited about her new friend Gabe and he will be in her loving care soon!



Hi! Just wanted to let everyone know that Gabe is settling in and enjoying his new home!! He keeps looking over the fence in his paddock that faces the lower part of the boarding ranch, watching all the activity, horses and people with such an amazed look like he is still trying to figure it all out and how he got there! He is such a sweetheart, loves everyone and is so easy to work around. We've gone for 2 walks so far around the ranch, visiting the main barn and washracks each time...Gabe is sure there's a monster in there somewhere! But, no hurry...lots of time for that, and he does enjoy sponge baths in his paddock we couldn't have asked for a better horse riding in the trailer on the way home...not a kick or anything from him the whole way. He's great!! Thank you everyone for all the encouragement and support!! Your all wonderful!!    Rebie & Gabe



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