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Gabriel (Dusky)
Gray Arabian Gelding with "Bloody Shoulder" markings. Very nice horse. Crabbet bloodlines, but no papers. 15 yrs. old, 15 hands tall. Had professional training 10 yrs. ago, but has not been ridden in all this time. Personable horse, but somewhat territorial. Probably due to being in the same pen for so long. At one time he clipped, trailered, loaded, tied, etc. But nothing has been done with him for a long time. Despite this, he is a willing gentleman and would make an excellent horse for someone willing to take the time to work with him. For purposes of this posting, we are calling him Dusky.



Hi Gail, just writing to tell you that Gabe is still doing fantastic up here in Seattle. Its been almost 2 years now and I feel blessed that Gabe chose me as his mom. We did a great trail ride over the Memorial Day weekend, he's gotten so gentle even my five year niece rides him. He requires consistent farrier work to keep him really sound but he seems to no problem with his arthritis with good care and some supplements. Thanks again for calling our attention to Gabe's situation, he'll never be alone again! He's a attention hound and leader of the pack, of course its all mares! he thinks he's quite the ladies man!


Gail, you writing you to again thank you for saving my Gabriel, he's the sweetest boy. Good news is, since I've had Gabe he has stayed sound since I've had him. Had the vet out for another look see (lameness exam and x-rays). He feels Gabe is sound enough to be a light riding horse, had his teeth done and some special shoes and he been happy ever since. I rode him down to the lake bareback the other day (death wish I thought, but he'll pretty much let me do whatever I want). Have to tell you sometime funny though, I got off him and sat down because I got tired and he walked around grazing and he decided to come over and started to go down, I thought to roll so I scrambled and got up so did he. So I went over and sat down again and here comes, lays down right next to me, he just wanted to bond, people were laughing so hard, although I thought it was darling, he's a real mamas boy!




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