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Gem Dandy
#299 Smutty/Dark Buckskin QH Gelding. Ex-roping horse. Appx. 15-17 yrs. Appx. 15.2 - 15.3 hands. This gelding is very personable and quiet. In his earlier days he was a roping horse. He was also used as a lesson horse for beginners and some children. His feet are very long. He has sustained a recent left hind leg injury to a tendon or ligament. Apparently, he was being roped off of while his feet were so terribly long!! He would most likely require a 6 month layup for his leg to heal AFTER his feet were trimmed properly. The angle his feet are at now is putting a strain on the injured leg.



I took Gem to another local show the week before Halloween, and he got 3rd in Equitation, and 2nd in Pleasure. The judge thought he was awesome, which we've all known for a long time......, but nonetheless, he beat out some very nice Quarterhorses, and even a Selle Francais...... We only got beaten by a Mule, granted she was very cute, and very well behaved......
Anyways, just wanted to let you know he is still doing awesome, and loving life, and I love having him. He is been my rock the last 2 years, and get's plenty of kisses and hugs for it.


Here are the pictures of my gorgeous boy at the show. I just decided to take him, and didn't even work him hard to prepare for this, and he placed in every class he took. Although he thought it would be fun to race the other horses in his first class...... Ha!
He looked like he had a great time, just soaking everything in. It was funny cuz everybody called him "the fuzzy one"....
We didn't shave the ears, he went all "au natural"


Well, it's about time to give you another update on Gem. He is quite a character. Can you say he is soooo SPOILED......? He gets to go out in pasture every other day, and spends the other days in the arena. The vet, said to keep him separated from anybody that chases him around, which is why he and Dusty take turns.
So I guess yesterday I wasn't fast enough getting him out of the arena, and when I opened the gate, he just gave me that "you're late, and I'm hungry" look and took off in a full gallop back to the barn, and turned right into his stall. What a difference from the horse that stood out in the pasture, and just had no clue what to do.
He is walking so much better, and is definitely looking so much better. I had another vet come out from the same clinic to get a second opinion. She too thought that the injury on his leg is an old injury, that just never had time to heal, that's why he is not supposed to run with the other horses. She said he feels so much better, but his body is not quite ready to take off running, and bucking, and playing.
I had the pictures off your website printed to show her (the ones from the feedlot). She just couldn't beleive that this is the same horse. He surely looks alot different. He is so easy going, and nothing seems to bother him. My Vet absolutely loves him, and so does everybody else for that matter.
Thanks again for giving me the chance to help this great guy. He is just awesome. Even hubby goes out to see the horses more now, and Gem always gets an extra pet.... which he truly apreciates.

Here are also a couple of new pictures, he's all sleeked out, that took some elbow grease, I think if I would have collected all the fur I brushed out of him, I could have made a mattress!


well, it's been 3 weeks since we brought Gem home.
1 hoof trim and a vet visit later, we know a bit more about this wonderful guy. The shoer took about 1-2 inches off his toes, the vet wants more of the toe gone. He said he was still a bit to much on his heel.
He was very happy with Gem, and just couldn't beleive that somebody wanted to through him away. He actually thinks that the injury to his hind leg is older. But since I've been massaging it, and putting liniment on it, it feels like the area is getting softer. Gem also has arthritis, so now he is on Four-Flex, and Devil's Claw. He also gets his PJ's on every night, and his legs wrapped to keep him warm.
We fenced off a small pasture area for him, so he can graze, and get some exercise. When I got home from work today, I couldn't find him in there, he was all the way out in the back of the big pasture, when I went back to check on him, he gave me that "I didn't do it..." look. I have no clue how he got out of his area. Guess we got a Houdini on our hands.
It is wonderful to start seeing that sparkle in his eyes, and his personality trying to come out. He still seems to be a bit unsure about this whole thing. He wants to beleive that this is a good thing, but just not quite sure about it yet.
He gets brushed and cleaned every night, and after he gets blanketed, and tucked away, I give him a good night kiss, and tell him he's loved. Even though he is more interested in his goodies and carrots, I hope (know) it still sinks in.


first little update on Gem. He survived his first day at his new home. He got very sweaty last night and seemed to have a mild gas colic, so I brought him in the barn. This morning he was a bit stiff. His poor feet are terribly long, and he still has nails in his bad foot. One of them seems really high, so that could hurt as well. And he keeps tripping over his toes.
Today he got a bath, it was nice and warm, and we used the bucket with warm water. He already looks like a different horse. We even found a hart shaped brand on his shoulder. He had about an inch of mud caked on his hoof, we could barely get it off. He's now all nice clean and soft. He is just such a good boy he loves to get pampered. We crawled all around him, and he just stood there, and didn't care a bit. Granted, he got spoiled with carrots, kisses and hugs.......
Anyways, I took some before and after pictures, just gotta download them, and then I'll send them to you.
Tonight he is sleeping in his new stall all nice made up with stall mats and shavings, he thought that was pretty cool. He seems to be very happy, he keeps looking around, and loves the cows next door, he gets all excited when he sees them!!!!
Thanks again for letting me give this boy a home.


My new name is Gem Dandy! I'm going home! Updates coming soon!



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