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PMU baby (now all grown up!) - Solid Chestnut filly, QH cross?

Gemini is now approx. 15 hands, about 1100 lbs. Due to life changes, she has been returned to TIER to find the perfect new home.

Appx. 9 yrs. old. Gemma is an easy keeper, level headed and is experienced on trails. She responds to light pressue, ridden western with a french-link snaffle. Very personable and absolutely loves treats and attention!



6/14/2015 - Happy B-Day Gemma

Happy birthday to the big puppy! She wore her birthday crown & birthday buttons on her bridle for drill team tonight & Mom even put butterfly clips in her mane! Then we had bday cupcakes after drill team

5/30/2015 - New Pic!

What a great Saturday! Top off the Jeep, short trail ride on Gem and now home chillin. Happy Mel!!

3/29/2014 - Soft Ride

Diane trying out one of those "Soft Ride" Saddles on Gemma today.  Woo Hoo!


1/7/2012 - Wheeeeeeee!

Gemma & Tigger enjoy showing off for the TIER Volunteers.  Wheeeeeeeee!

5/23/2011 - Gemma Update

5/21/2011  Several of the TIER residents (6) had their teeth floated.  We had noticed that Gemma water trough had "backwash" in it and knew it was time for her to have her teeth done.  She was eating fine, not producing any wads of hay or anything, but it was obvious that something was going on.

As usual, once you put the halter on her she was all business and ready to listen to her handler.  She was exceptionally good while her teeth were being worked on.  Gemma is ready for her own special person to adopt her, take her on trail rides and give her cookies, cookies, cookies!


What a nice day we had at TIER today!  Kristy and her children came out to help clean pens, scrub waterers and help move panels so that we could use the tractor to remove some of the old mud.  Of course, Kristy did the Lion's share of the work!

Mel & Diana came out to work with Gemma a bit.  Mel & Gemma are going to participate in the American Competitive Trail Horse Association sanctioned CTC benfit ride for TIER.  Mel will be a safety rider for the event and wanted to make sure Gemma was mentally  & physically ready.

Gemma is so sweet.  She hasn't had to work in quite awhile, just hanging out with the horses. She was glad for the grooming that Mel & Diana gave her and went through her paces as if she had been being worked every day.  That's just the type of horsie girl she is.  Steady and easy.


Gemini is now approx. 15 hands, about 1100 lbs. Due to life changes, she has been returned to TIER to find the perfect new home. She is very level headed. Just turned 9 years old. Halters, leads, trailers & ties very well, great with feet & farrier, easy keeper, Has always been quite in the past with muzzle, eyes and ears. She lives / has lived with- dogs, donkeys, other horses (loves the neighbors' goats!)

Rides on streets, through river bottom, been into Norco for sodas (see pic above), curious, quiet, easy going personality and very willing. She is not a pushy, dominant mare, fits in as the follower. With an inexperienced rider, she will follow behind the other horses, doesn't get nervous/spooky, or push to be in the front but she can get a little lazy. With an experienced rider she is more attentive to what she is doing & where she is going but still follows all commands willingly. She has been ridden in groups and alone. Goes on a squeeze of the legs, no need to kick, maintains pace until directed otherwise, good at all three gaits, although she loves to jog the best and has a nice easy trot.

Started in a hackamore, rides in a french link snaffle, and ridden western. Disengages hindquarters well, backs on the ground and under saddle, respectful of personal space when asked but loves to come up for scratches and treats. Lunges easily, changes direction well, has a willing attitude when in a training session. Needs a little polishing on stopping on a "sitting deeper in the saddle" que and neck reining. Training up to date has followed the Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship philosophy & lessons.


What can I say? She has been solid minded and sweet since the first day I saw her. She is growing leggy and tall. She is in that mouthy, two-year-old stage right now. I have to remind her not to nibble on me when I am grooming her. Other then that, she is a love! I can't wait to send her to Harry's in the spring. I am going to try and send her and Reza together so we can all get some training! Gem is great about feet, worming, haltering, tying, leading and walking on the street. She just seems to take things in stride. Now if she would stop rubbing out what little mane she has..! Anyways, she is great and I am looking forward to her growing up.


Gemma, my PMU, is starting to outgrow that half baby/half horse awkward stage and is looking better. She is still 14.2 at the withers and 14.3 at the rump but is filling out, nice long legs. She is so good natured, not to much bugs her. I am hoping she stays that way, Reza is the drama queen and that's all I can handle!


Gemma is doing great. She now stands still for grooming, feet picking and having her face washed, although like any kid, she made faces when I washed her nose! (That wind today was awful! Reza and Gemma had dirt in their eyes, ears and nose real bad.)


Foreground---Solid Chestnut filly, QH cross?

Her name is Gemma and she will be going home with her new mom soon!


Gem gets along well with others
She dresses up quite nicely...

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