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Ginger-Now Called SIENNA
#642 - Ginger - QH Filly - Adopted!


3/8/2012 - Update from her Adopter!

Hi Gail!
I have been meaning to update you for a while now.. Not sure how well this will work.. But im attempting to send you some pictures of the little PMU mare I got from you, Sienna. The girl that adopted her went away to nursing school and returned her. I started her and she is my #1 riding/working horse now.  Shelly


They are doing great. The quarter horse (still Ginger) has really come around and is unafraid of anything. The black ones name is Lila it means night in Arabic.... It was what I started calling her at your place and then I looked up the name meaning and it fit perfect!
Both girls are pushing the ball around and going over the bridge. They both run to me when I come to get them in the arena. They are really sweet and I am really enjoying them.


The babies are doing great. Got them both haltered and went for a walk around the ranch. They did just great and seemed to like meeting the gang. I really like the little red one (Ginger). She is just smart as can be and it was nice to get to know her today.

I turned them out in the round pen for a bit and they got to stretch their legs and explore. The black one (Lila) comes and puts her head in the halter for me already and I can stand behind her and scratch her little buns, the red one is getting there...... She is coming forward now, and accepting the halter, but still has some tension. Im sure by tomorrow she will be feeling a lot better.



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