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Gracie (Mustang Grace)
#103. Dark Bay Mustang Mare. BLM papers. Appx. 8 yrs. old. Appx. 14.3 hands. She is somewhat headshy. Rides very well. Needs some weight.

Jill of Lifesavers, Inc., Wild Horse Rescue read the post about this lovely mare and promptly contacted me. Jill has brought her home to her wild horse rescue! Yeah Jill and Livesavers, Inc.! Jill informed me that, according to her BLM papers, she was captured in 1997 and the adoption period of 2 yrs. was up this last June! I wonder what horrors this poor girl has gone through! She won't have to worry about her future as Jill will take wonderful care of her! Thanks Jill!

Her name is Grace. We named her after an elderly lady that has given us a couple of substantial donations.

Grace is doing well. Our trainer, Darice Holloway, is working with her several times a week. She is especially working on her mouth shyness problem. I believe she needs some dental work and that might be part of her problem taking the bit, etc. Anyway, she's coming along nicely and hope to have her adopted soon.



Grace was adopted to a wonderful animal loving couple in Mojave, California. The couple already had a few other horses that they love and have had for years and years and are getting quite aged. The husband has always loved mustangs and was looking for a nice riding horse. They both fell in love with Grace and decided that she would make a nice Christmas present for the husband.



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